Monday, October 25, 2010

History and Memory, Research and Love

History and Memory, Research and Love

Not much on my mind today but some stray ideas from the idea of language as to the meaning inside the Greek roots... history, well, some idea of where memorial comes from and that philosophy of Fitche? forgotten, as an alternative to Descartes- do others live only as long as someone remembers them? If we survey the world of even a few generations ago, in this extended history and archelogy and anthropology of the unique and unknown, a blue rose with our without redemption, can be fail to note how many are forgotten, even to historical records, even the tombstones in Kew Gardens of famous families and we only know of them their name? The dark flow of this is renewal only while the living and the concrete extend somewhere in some fleeting short time of all things computed infinitely over a finite space as that which enhances Love and that emotion for others in parts of a second, in parts of their brains, in the world of surfaces seen in detail of viruses- in the name of this years Nobel Laurelette... I am in my bubble of red glow and shift and the bubble is not big enough... I see the cone of time and light and heat and the flow of surfaces (to which English has no such affix as do the other Tutonic languages of some spatial form expressed as touch) in the lava lamp of time... displacements that come and go as long as the energy flows, conserved yet but one and both eyes to survey as rays the light house at night, the something smelly in Danmark Fart(speed) of light... But between me and it is the window, the window to which I take the photo without lens for I can only focus on the screen and not what may be beyond it- save even the crow clinging in the fog to his height that from the chimney will come warmth to him come winter- he sees masks and recalls them and that is perhaps all there is of what our oil drop and reflective lives that endures.

Some of the images for this paragraph comes from my attempt to post a video today of my strange song of 67 called The Charleston Shipping Canal (ten minutes filmed out my window with the lava lamp and crows and wind- not me, that my voice was clearer.

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Lubos, Another A+ presentation! Again I see the far reaching thoughts, as radical as they may seem to some, of Feyman. I can understand and see he first saw a higher view to which I feel even more comfortale as an explanation and which I quite imagine a physics of an even greater generalization. I agree that things had to move on past Dirac, but he connections are there in a sort of real history with all those paradoxes - and yes we need fresh and younger minds to go beyond Feyman also. Dirac as you said almost did this much. It is hard I imagine being in a new world of thought where the reality of it grows way past you consolidations and sense of reality. For me triangulations are not out of the game yet- and our stance toward the continuous or not of space and time may still be a mixed situation. (that is for some things I have a hard time finding your logic of it as the only picture but it is an enlightenment worthy of any scientific program.)
I have not voted in a long time, well in the primaries last month. When the right tied to religious groups come in power the funding in the USA and UK is cut. Can it be when the left comes in money goes to junk science and closed minded politics? West Virginia would suffer from the carbon tax being a coal state- what ever happened to the dire warnings of acid rain in the black forest for example? So, I do not see a win either way and there is nothing logical nor continous in the path integral of voting history. If my heart is not in Texas I guess I have to get my a** out if there were some place to go. Still, there are some beautiful ideas, ideal ones which our science understanding will definitely aid our philosophy and politics. I can see the universe as a unity- and see it as that with broken but intelligible change.
Maybe in some sort of flat land of all this averaging and predictible if non-linear space a turn is only 360 degrees... Only when we think a little higher would the spin come back to origins (as Feyman's thoughts seem to guarentee) would it be 720 degrees, and so on...

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