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INSEI XI: Linguistic Dellusions and Notions

INSEI XI: Linguistic Dellusions and Notions

A Draft on a Draft on Draft on the Abstracts of Abstracts of Abstracts on Language as a Tool and Human Logic and Psychological Artifact:

I was reading again with a little more comprehension as the subject came up of the nature of the operatives in Basic English- that go for example is not a verb- something as a poet (which means composing or creating in Greek) that came up in my discussion with Sultan Ratrout. So causally I wrote down these notes in no particular rigid or exhaustive form. I am not quite sure where I am going to go with this, but I should check the Interglossa or Glossa draft of a later project on the forms used. It is uncanny how study of language can change my fundamental world views and yet that seems not to make a differnce.

* * *

1:16pm Sultan
now almost to be done with my new poem, reflections on the journey of love:"

1:19pm me
great msg me when

Like a mathematician, you'll calculate the possibilities,
And prepare to encounter all the anticipated intricacies
Up above you, there is heaven and your destined fate,
It's stronger than you, pre-determined prior to this date.
final lines :)

good you already have the final lines so I cannot influence the ending

i added tow lines to it its 30 lines :)

but it is uncanny what I jst posted on pesblog

what is that uncanny stuff?

do not click errro clip board


damn lost it

weird pic

It is uncanny how study of language can change my fundamental world views and yet that seems not to make a differnce.
this was what I was trying

i talked about the chemical side when we love
when we love, we do chaneg chemically speaking right

to post thinking it reminds me of those last lines in some ways
yeah, chemistry----

love betrays you , so when u r broken hearted that will shwo up right, thats the chemical side i talk about\

I need to put some more from those casual notions and pages up in a type form so they are easier to read- but it does cover the idea of linguistics- your thoughts for example on deluision.
linguistics and psychology

waw thats what i want :)

before I can recall what my abbreviations and scribble meant
... go not a verb in BASIC but operative
go thru space fast means run
if your are ready to talk about this now
heed a stimulus obey a response


command is heed
so are the commandments stimulus?


that is if we see things from that second revolution of psychology Behavioerism?
And the third never came unless it was Drugs or as you say chemistry
the first being psychodynamics of course, talk therapy

* * *

Sultan and I then interrupted each others posts in progress: (but I was hoping we have time one day to make a joint linguistics project. In the creative science and philosophy let us recall that poetica from the beginning may conflict with a more scientific or discipline of intellect. There is this dialectical interplay between word order for example and unrestrained use of metaphor as both an issue of notions and communication. I learn by thinking on foundations- either as one who tries to see language scientifically or creatively. This sort of thing also seem important to the foundations of our notions of physics. (one where I am not so sure, as Lubos remarked, that we should abandon the more cantonical forms of say relativity where it involves quantum ideas- that is although I see a wider background or phaneron, I know that some of the old ways and paradoxes frozen after fifty years may not be because the adherents are in error. It is hoped that this linguisitic project does explain this impasse and that in the end short of a new medium such as what we also could analyze as communications on the internet- that perhaps language itself can after all be powerful enough to solve our areas of conflict for peace beyond the confines of the structure and content of this tool.

* * *

Of course (I posted a comment to a blogger I follow on the 24 roots of unity) that the alphabetic range of human languages seem to relate to these complex numbers and even just the real numbers in natural space intelligibilities. Not to mention the field with chromosome influences from position on context.

ThePeSla said...
Yes, I know the feelings.

That 24th root, in terms of geometry, is most interesting to me. Have you associated it with the 4space 24 cell (Euclidean) in any way?

I am glad I understood some of this in my old age.

The PeSla

October 25, 2010 10:57 AM
Kea said...
The PeSla, there are many things to do here. The 24 cell will certainly show up somewhere, as others have noted. But I am not sure it will make it to the top of my list any time soon. The list is vast.

* * *

I had a poetic thought this morning- my subtle idea of quasics, really a steppping stone on the path of unification I feel, that we can imagine small things and assert they exist- say, animolecules, atoms, neutrinos and so on. This blue rose statement without evidence without physical evidence is a linguistic notion which can turn out, as in the case of bacteria to be the case. But bacteria are real. Can we imagine an averaging across all the multiverse where all such levels of smaller and unseen things are in a sense the center of it all and of complexity? Is the life in a raindrop not in some sense as deep and experience as I walking in the rain under the autumn leaves and thinking about the universe? Or in the averaging I might take up a microscope or a collider and look- finding that I have gone a little higher than these denizens of the very small. (to this end in these post where I say "pixel" as a metaphor of a quasic unit I will use the word plinth or plinthon and loosely that means tile, but it is not to be assumed a rigid tesselation nor one as if a vague cloud- here again the notion of what is the real and unreal and of time and such, and preference for falling into some other state of being or seeing the world for such catalysts as a matter of only if there is underlying energy.

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