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Supersymmetry and the Missing Link of Mass

Supersymmetry and the Missing Link of Mass

I came back late tonight to post what strikes me as a new idea, rather an application or metaphor, model for seeing better some of our several insights. One in particular on my mind- that of Matti of the TGD blog who seems to use the metapore of the mouths of wormholes. I used that in a poem today and it reminds me of the stargate series. Still as the genre for futurists I am sure some fine physicists are consulted for the likes of star trek and sit coms. In any case as with Hoyle and Wilson a scientist is not above adding to this genre for the masses.

New Scientist finally asks what I did long ago- what if there is not Higgs to be found? Ms Franklin of Harvard when I asked her in 95 what we might achieve by building the collider she said there was hopes of finding the Higgs particle. Again, I can see the same question of gravity like particles- and if our current models turn out wrong by experiment then who among us has a theory seemingly then as much science fiction that would be still in the running in the face of no other intelligible explanations?

Depending on if we see ourselves in the inside or outside of a creative or black hole like object- both cases our perception assumes they are a spherical top- we may debate what is the boundaries of that which we so watch, fuzzy or classical.

If in my post where energy is quasic like in the definition of differences I am drawn to ask what this may say for our concepts of mass. What is the grounding for renormalization or subatomic systems of asymptotic freedom if not the topology or the quasic grids alternatively that describes a more or less local system other than some things mysteriously seem to work? Certainly the value of some subatomic masses seems to be arithmetically intelligible in the integers and in the transcendental.

Inside or outside we may think of the ordering by crystal like symmetry as adding to the degrees of freedom of structures or reducing them- questions of information and entropy.

Between the dotting of the i's and the crossing of the t's the logic of our words finds meaning in the chaos made of sand...

I place in the center of the accompanying illustration the general shrinking is rotation of this blog's vague logo. But we can take such things literally as both being the case. For as I have imagined DNA equivalent in design to what we may expect of protons clashing on a higher energy scale and velocity- we ask of the flat or Euclidean state of things, an indefinite and general rest, point an line, dot and cross, that the spherical top as in the Bucky Ball or the steps of the bases in the DNA may be seen as influencing the quantum effects and general charge or mass as if two pancake or ideal flat plates are potentially on the verge of colliding pushing against the historical values of the otherness (states of the vacua).

But a spherical top itself with these aromatic charges is the same description. So some relation say between two spheres to convey something like force or mass or falling into and so on. Another representation of Casmir like forces which we can interpret as the cosmic idea of such dark forces.

So within some region of space or energy- the contraction as if linear or the spinning as if spherical, we can imagine more than two plates or players but many and in many directions. Such mass on that crude scale is the n-dimensional envelope of bilateral n-player forces. But such boundaries continue so far and twist so far into deeper fractal like quasic states so that on all scales seen we find this difference in structural energy, fixed perhaps as evolving by such states and scales in a temporal fundamental theorem of direction and chirality, and innate preference for the measure and bias of matter also positive only as well as anti-matter.

We consider then the flux of physics between higher dimensional DNA like bases that relate both the geometry and the frequency to make that concept we have in physics of force or mass- and from our gross encountering it seems solid as objects. In the stars and atoms evidently we have stored more than light- but geometry itself such that it is not some vague concept of strings or even knots in space.

Still, with such a wider view of things as the possible- I think it a good exercise- not to mention a clear use of money for methods to say explore gravitons from a finer quantum mesh- to ask can we make a world somewhere where the hopes of the standard theory would be true? Is that science fiction? If somehow as the higher forces are deep and everywhere in the zeros and infinity of things is it supernatural to suggest that from the twists and turns of our individual paths and choices that we see what we make and make what we see by unique consciousness and by the collective quite independently of physics? In this higher vision even the idea of all is consciousness as the interpretation of quantum theory is an astronomical understatement. Again, what sort of future study explains these dreams and notions we find in our human experience?

In many ways what we might find real is the squaring of things if we can relate it to the abstract graphs of coordinates, complex numbers, and the quasic grid.

* * *
here is the poem from early this morning and discussed on facebook, italic placed here to emphasize the cited poem's line:

He Rattles but No Snake Can Leap at Us
L. Edgar Otto Oct. 5, 2010

What awaits us watching from not looked for webs

we explain as Evil, the Snake or spider entraps us without escape

Sucking slowly out our juices, mummified our imago for blood?

The mouths of wormholes in our minds, our ships of state

a tangled topology of small and great decisions lost

In the sticky maze, out of time for exits or the center

Here I hold and find a sacred codex and awhile in the

cul-de-sac and doldrums I thrill for its own sake and not

Promises of happier life to pursue, every line and word know true

Or upon a chance turn, doubt even the prophets and Creator

a hoax and plot, Christ lost submitting to the destiny of hell

Tainting our grounding by who we were then, that too now past

Until closer to God we see how small our vision, how little the comfort

As web-less desert spiders jump, attack, our joyful evidence set in prophesy

* * *

And this among other comments for this post on facebook dialog:
L. Edgar Otto Yes, like with a sonnet the last two lines make a dramatic reversal in the logic. With a little better vision maybe we can struggle better through the maze of ethics dialectics and so on. Lately I see too many physicists enraptured by models very complicated but say very little and are simple not complicated images we see while we have a hard time seeing beyond say just history and the material world and ourselves

* * * Continuing into the next morning:


As I have posted and commented before on the cosmic role of such catalysts. I do think the design can fall out of first principles- and that the good sense of string theory has deep application to organic design unless experiment and those learned in it can show us otherwise.

Platinum can fertilize an egg but it is a copy of the mother. Again recent articles suggest that this chicken egg debate about how life and its instructions arose on earth says it was helped by the transition metals.

Guest, above - sounds to me like a metaphor for our conceptions and misconceptions about matter and anti-matter... I wonder, Lubos, if perhaps physics itself is going thru a lapse of reductionism into a new astrology to fit the new alchemy? Which came first, the matter or the antimatter, the point or the string?


* * *

Comments and chats on facebook:

Steve Chance I support a free and open market. The real trouble seems to stem from an observation; Greed- while man's technology and population expand exponentially, his "soul" has not expanded or evolved in any perceivable way. Only governments provide... us safety from rape and pillage. This behavior proliferates in countries where the government is to disorganized or corrupt to manage it's peoples. Man is intellectually, morally and physically DEVOLVING. I thank God for my conscious choice of not reproducing!Some estimate that as many people are alive today as have lived on the Earth to this point. History dictates that any species which over-populates it's NATURAL environment is doomed to extinction. Too bad I probably won't get to witness it in my lifetime.

L. Edgar Otto You can only get so much constant compound interest. There is no set devolving or evolving to asymptotic infinity and doom and gloom scenarios. The beauty of the landscape returns again only we do not come back to see it even if there is t...he comfort that return. All the people of the world could stand shoulder to shoulder in Eau Clair county. It is the rate and not the numbers in reproduction and some of you owe it morally to Darwin. On the other hand, some fallen leaf, our spirit is timeless and the landscape ephemeral- beauty thought about is immortal and the flow of our lesser sense of history that is not rigidly fixed.

* * *
This morning's back to back facebook status:

Even if the blank slate is a myth or a matter of debate, the theoretician and engineers do well to go back to the drawing board and redesign things and make new concepts their own way- as our human condition an ephemeral selves and universe and life is decreed or spontaneously arises as we learn to get along with others. Between the crossing of the t's and dotting of the i's falls the words that make sense of time's shifting sands.

Politics, like life and education, proceeds by a series of strokes of genius, and occasionally by God-for-Sure stokes. Learning is a series of such strokes and mini-strokes accumulating, even for the healthy clean living runners stumbling in the chaos.

* * *

I wish to make it clearer for this post of last night- the metaphor of wormhole mouths should be thought of as not just a base or disc like say the disc of the stargate- but the spheres are the rim of holes in four space for example- so these balls are the rims in any higher space- as the background of small apples on the tree as if independent universes be they together and limited by the geometry or the communication between them- but the landscape is not as limited as this metaphor would lead us to believe- unless the question is really irrelevant save in the local universe complex of if there is a concrete measure of physical values as the default design of a theory of everything.

Perhaps a new television series can extend the idea as such communication between the black sphere-like holes... I would call it "A Murder of Crows" but the relevance of the question again comes to philosophy behind some theory of everything even the simple one of Creationism or Hindu like replete gods and levels of heaven- that is, "Is there a Stargate God or Gods" given sufficient intelligible coding and dialing, limited or unlimited? Yet science proceeds with what we can manage close at hand and view from a safe distance until on the next level of metaphor we in turn colorize the world of our ancestor's distant past contemplations.

* * *

One further thought: I remain impressed with the thoughts of Matti Pitkanen at
http://matpitka.blogspot.com/2010/10/is-new-physics-at-lhc-approximately.html and I would ask him if the dialog did not interfere with his art and duties- what direction in general does he think his work will take? As with other blogs I have chance followed, from what I can truly understand of their language and viewpoints, so many things hauntingly are similar to some of my deep and casual contemplations.

One may notice that my usual illustrations are 1024 by 512. As with Rowlands and Dirac and bloggers here I did this to label pixels even in the abstract if not literally counting the grid between the pixels of two 32 x 32 directions which of course I see as 11 quasic natural dimensions (and the strength of this grid is that it makes visualizing connections in real positive space easier in higher dimensions)
Of course from a sort of fractal and global sense the 1 to 2 ratio would work just as well for 9 dimensions of two squares of 16 x 16.

So in this ambiguous question and assertion of what may constitute a theory of everything as to the universe or multiverse as some one or many if the question is meaningful at all or that these are abstractly equivalent- amounts to a possibility I should face and ask myself concerning the complex space idea:

From our personal viewpoint at least, is the idea of complex values, a sort of natural extent ion on all scales of the idea of negative values and free directions,
intelligible and complete enough to describe the varieties real and virtual of the spaces we encounter that are possible? At exactly what place and in what general model does the unity of a universe meet the diversity of a multiverse and can this be said to be a general thus unifying theory of our time? I can vaguely imagine, with a little tweaking, that these ideas of complex space somehow incorporating the ideas of information and design going beyond the math could still prove to be the case. Either way we may feel such theories an affront to our grounding common sense in experiencing the universe. But if as in the more metaphysical suggestions of ideas of conscious implied from this reductionism in my recent posts- what are we to do without a general idea of unifying sciences when deep in the structure of matter and space and time these experiments too are hidden and the reality of the experiment is even more deeply the design of the experimenter?

Of course, and raising doubts in this Lockean anarchy of enquiry not always a good thing especially by the authors of theory in the initial speculative era (I mean the desire for unity for such theories is still open to me a matter of upbringing and faith as well the polemic against them). The doubt is that I am missing still a key idea on the physics of things. Perhaps mentally unsound as some have said in the chatrooms but in a very entertaining and nice way. But for any of us with this miracle of consciousness and power of science and control of our own destiny and evolution, we virtual ink slingers without enough electrons in this universe to record it all- in matters of new and comprehensive theories how do we know how sound our dreams and comprehension?

Caught out in the chilly rain and tired near the morning where you can sleep at last setting up- the dry concrete to stretch out upon seems warm and soft. But where we have to face the morning dewdrops and cannot yet rest the cacophony of crows seems harsh among the babbling brooks and songbirds- and the murder of crows, black holes in the flock of them at the center of galaxies tearing each other apart and amplifying in our heads the secret and chaotic language between the blackbirds. These ravens are wiser than most in dealing with the world its opportunities- but so much of what they are fundamentally and creatively is deeper than the spoken words they can mimic and learn, and share as they individually evaporate to encounter or escape each other. Woe to those who have atrophied their hands and risk such long necks and size they need two brains to walk, fight off the meat eaters- and to those who sacrifice their hands for wings- let us then glory in the rawness and innocence of our day leaving a dynasty with its sick old age or rash new youth and like with our first love enjoy the exquisite kisses- once only this sweetheart Columbine and like the flower once here as we so fleetingly- and pluck to make our own the song and dream of physics at the foundations.

* *

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