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Plinthilation - Punch and Slice Quasic Topology

Plinthilation - Punch and Slice Quasic Topology L. Edgar Otto

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It sometimes seems to me that, as if by coincidence, our blog postings of some of the bloggers of physics theory address the same subjects before the fact. So before posting my casual thoughts of last night, Plinthilations or vaguely Plinthons (not so much a tile in a tessellation fixed or not as if a pixel in a grid, but more like surface quasons from one view. Yes, Lubos thank you for pointing out the quantum and string greats were considering "liquid" models. I saw casual because there are times when this sort of pursuit of physics even for the greats seems to me an overblown enterprise that inflates our expectations of the future value of obscure topology where the theories are in a bottleneck or have no known present application or use. I have noticed this posting (a sort of Jungian thermodynamic model) of delayed responses before the fact on the poetry submissions and at least the illusion of it elsewhere on the internet- even a little more rarely in life itself. We should all experience what it is like to be in a state of mind where as voracious readers we can no longer read for awhile- or be entertained say with some fiction on television. That is if we are to understand our states of mind for physics enquiry.
In today's post I still consider linguistic and topological problems. Of course the remarks to others on blogs- perhaps who do not even know of the work or each others existence, are not perhaps personal- their strings do seem to work in an independent background and imposed historical perspective. In fact, Lubos raises the great issue here I discuss at the moment of time directionality- and a comment to him raised the great issue of gravity and thermodynamics. So, and I probably should not read posts before daily postion- nor get bogged down in facebook in chats discussing the ideas of the day before posting- for example some notions that correspond to Sultans poem or status of the day, I saw this- but I do not assume I am being addressed by the bloggers nor I to them without explicitly saying so. We all seem to realize the importance of some ideas and each offer some solution to some question of which they know to ask- maybe we all are in this collective climate of human thought or era. I read this and so much stands out I post as relevant: Great job you guys, I hope your expectations are fulfilled if you have them:
LuboŇ° Motl

This "global" or "eternalist" perspective also exists in the classical counterpart of Feynman's formulation, namely in the principle of least action. Mephisto has complained that the principle is "retrocausal" - that you're affected by the future. Why? The principle says:

The particle (or another system) is just going to move in such a way that the action evaluated between a moment in the past and a moment in the future is extremized among all trajectories with the same endpoints.

At the linguistic level, this principle requires you to know lots about the particle's behavior in the past as well as in the future if you want to know what the particle is going to do right now. Such a dependence on the future would violate causality, the rule that the present can only be affected by the past but not by the future.

However, if you analyze what the principle means mathematically, you will find out that it is exactly equivalent to differential equations for "x(t)", to a variation of the well-known "F=ma" laws. You need to know the mathematical tricks that Lagrange has greatly improved. But if you learn this variational calculus, the equivalence will be clear to you.

So while the principle "linguistically" makes the present depend both on the past and the future - here I define a linguist as a superficial person who gets easily confused by what the words "seem" to imply - the correct answer is that the laws described by the principle of least action actually don't make the present depend on the future.

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But it's true that the only "completions" of physics of divergent quantum field theories that are known to mankind are quantum field theories and string theory (the latter is necessary when gravity in 3+1 dimensions or higher is supposed to be a part of the picture). Any statement that a "new kind of a theory" (beyond these two frameworks) that could reduce to the tested effective quantum field theories at long distances is extremely bold and requires extraordinary evidence.

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Topological explanation of family replication phenomenon Matti Pitkanen

One of the basic ideas of TGD approach has been genus-generation correspondence: boundary components of the 3-surface should be carriers of elementary particle numbers and the observed particle families should correspond to various boundary topologies.

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But I will leave it to those who can to make the connections of the following notions with any entanglements of our strings or blog threads:

*i n-genus Noether infinitely flat principle of symmetry and conservation that applies to spheres apply here - or the idea means little, even for least action.

*ii Tori plasma pinching and spherical duplication Tarski style where imaginary space complex image, two spheres or cubes so split in the shadows is still a torus.

*iii Partial lines of flux of intrinsic curvature in field seem linear and quantized.

*iv Symmetry, as need to balance myth, theory, philosophy(Kant) offered as a reason but not the underlying explanation of extension or transcendence or deconstruction of a notion.

*v Thermo plinthon surface as tori and Energy, thus Bi(time)directional in a quasi closed system is like unto a 4th person Feynman quantum physics idea (Feynman quabics)... the terms btw seem like this in a trinity: quAsicity, quaBicity, qua

*vi Concept of Transcendence which interprets a language or word as a generational level independent of the schema, seems consciousness or alive in the general unity or context of itself. All language is here seen natural and not artificial (as all physical theories) But the replacement (Buddhism or Hindu-like) of "will" or "life force" is a conceptual error if all, one, comprehensive, and unbalanced- so to expand in rigid tessellations some dark flow or bypasses them. If not non-plenthic or measurable systems of space thus consciousness may transcend schema, and schema may become transcended. (for physics theories and languages)

*vii Social class systems and the ethic of war, empire by Will, thus Hegel in struggle and conflict- denial of ideal schema as Marxist deconstruction, the rise of programs denying or as a power by might against spirituality.

*viii ... so called "junk" genes and the 20,000 in the genome may equal a 5 quabic space provided a unified developmental spacious present system.

*ix The Transcendental state of a language may assume the power of truth and identity in split understanding of a schema of parts and whole of a brain. Facts, propaganda, advertisements, empty pointer words like drug names, may be or seem real or virtual as some influential schema. (Why some obey "voices" or react against them in addictive topological field cycle- or for that matter the effectiveness of some drugs).

*ixb... Idea temporary forgotten from earlier and not written down... (I think this was it: found the idea scrolling up: our problem with the logic of language is we need a much wider notion of logic/math. Which is to say that one of he problems with the perception and structure of a language such as the great project of Interglossa as a constructed language is not the metaphorical transcendence of the words and notions as such- nor the underlying hardwired, software, shareware layers of encoding such as the information and instructions of the genome, the inheritance, but we need a new basis of the logic of it all (for example what living word or concept has some sense of opposite or negation- how about imaginary forms of this in a context rather than just the negative?) Of course such a grounding schema of plinthonics would come closer to a more unified view of language as a natural as well a transcendental thing as it comes closer to a deeper understanding of our minds and the cosmos.

*x Two distinguished (distinct?) forms of Energy may each be separately conserved (symmetrical) but not so if the kinetic-potential amounts may vary locally in some combined (possibly geometrical) totality.

*xi Punch and Slice motions of a linear and circular tori of four cubes each in four space as a quasic function- the change in natural dimensions of quantized number of directions in the flux may multiply between dimensions of the orthogonal structure. n = 0 1 2 3 4 ... and 3d x 4d is a twelve punch-slice space motion directionality or inertia (that is unless it varies from outside it continues the direction or rest soliton like from within- for minimum action (purpose) as a punch slice or plinthonic principle. Also 8 or 7 subcubes = 24 or 21 flux lines in the transitive distribution of the schema in the context of quasic motion.

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Later this morning:

we note the parton structural model of a proton the central layer of three contains the charge for a neutron or none for a proton. Such things should be considered per the classical radius of the electron and the fine structure constant (and further ones in the quasic depth of plinthic space)

Punch and slice are f and c values of parts of a quasic motion. (see previous work on quasic motion notation, additive and multiplicative...

Plinthons in a sense answer the averaging and stability of a more general space- we need to resolve the notions more than the specific ways some of the so called problems we are interested in for physics.

Henrietta of the asks an interesting question on eigenvalues to which my first guess is indeed, in the apparent hierarchical asymmetries in nature, that it is a quasic bias or directionality to compliment any neutral stance on the particle level or sub-particle level. It is a result of such principles. I do not think the members of that forum understand nor answered her question.

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*xii Other notions lost and recovered for this post:

The ship of Thesus;

xii a: In a genome where we can have quabic or plinthic oeconomy of the godhead, the three-ness and so on of globally shifted natural quasic dimensions, from the higher genus like view the duplication of the ship via its parts may not be seen as the paradox we think- nor the consuming of human flesh in the school-men's question of our soul as a material thing or heave as an abstract thing. This principle supplements the idea of things on the micro-level being so rigidly a binary relation of events between paths of a whole- yet it shows the restraints of treating sub paths such as QCD triplets and braids as if flanged down to such a one to one correspondence as function. The n-player of Kleinian games relates as well as the ideas of Lie groups in a world of inversion of spaces within our without on some shell of a beginning or pivot across hierarchical quasic dimensions. It is not clear in particular that something symmetrically is lost that something else materializes in some tunneling action at a distance.

The nature as topological and systemic of cancer in an organism;

xii b: Such freedom and uncertainty between genome quabic dimension total states can in the idea of partial shifts express a new mechanism for the growth and speed of growth as a model of cancerous pathways.

The example of plinthic notions showing the creation field of mars and not just that the moons are there as asteroids- the dumbbell shape of one of them (and as in the Hmong myth of the creation of humans such a shape);

xii c: In the illustration above we have the idea of a slip-crete like plastic pad to help one from slipping when the sidewalk is icy sloped at the crossing which reminds me as there is plinthic uncertainty of what is circular or linear in discrete space of our view of yang compact extra dimensions but on this the evidence of former leaves on the concrete as if shadows on a flat plane- nature that takes a natural but fading persistent picture of the cycles of autumn- and that they seem from this moment to have a certain directionality- the ship paradox works both ways in this higher idea of quasic time at least on the meso-level of plinthilation as well as this higher idea in the quantum theory.

And I think that covers my thoughts of last night and today.

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One point to add to yesterday's post here:

This Ship Idea comes up in the general notion of the identity of the unity of clones of concepts like a prophet who preaches to a local region or planet and one that is universal in the schema--- the notion is somewhat influenced by quantum ideas but to use this level of logic and intelligibility goes deeper into such theories and I suggest this is a way out of and shows this a useful paradox as science principles as well as the metaphysical notions.

One blogger has an interesting idea on the LHC of colliding deuterium in the same direction to investigate some ideas of fusion (I understand his work to be published soon)... This reminds me of the water drop models and my watching the lava lamp of late as a simple source of some of these ideas. Only rarely do the oil drops in the lamp when they collide merge- they bounce off- so much for brane collision modeling.

And yet, with all the gravity and thermodynamics and breaking apart and coming together again of the oil drops I quite imagine rising and falling tori I can almost see in the Hubble like star formation plumes- as if these topological things within a certain range have general structure but not so in the existential moment- a sort of shape conservation.

I considered making a sci fi on this and submitting it to the newscientist project, the creatures on the surface of the oil in the Lavaverse... Applying perhaps new ideas of what if violation of some natural law in view of new and creative physics. I find it interesting also how the liquid around the oil can be trapped inside a certain region as if bubbles themselves... eyes of a spinning storm at the poles to make a moon like cratered appearance.

We have names for smoke coming from small holes or the great holes in volcanoes.

Metaphorese... language like a living thing, or soap bubbles and oil drop simplifications of fiction and experiment- the question the blogger explains of how we might be twice as fat in other dimensions? One big bang or many little ones says Hoyle, and what to do about the point at identity say on a torus in a higher string space as if some interplay of Steak and Kidney pi's, Mates! And, even that old lover of wine, Gammow, felt the spiritual implications of his cosmic furnace where the worm eats the inside of a four space apple, reaches the surface, and eats as much again- does half an apple really give us half a worm?

There are no Nobel Prizes for original theory ideas- and in our time not much place for a position somewhere in physics- my starving poets may your brilliant creativity be of some consolation for you. Keep the faith, and know that one passed your way who walked with you on the beach and read your messages in the sand.

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