Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gull in the Dead Zone

Gull in the Dead Zone by L. Edgar Otto
Oct. 29, 2010

Sustained gale, threatening wall of gusts
waves suspended breaking on the rocks
Gull in flight riding the wind shear
one eye frozen on the beam East South East
Razor bill sword edge Zound's lighthouse ray

I Shall obey, Aye shall all ya', in His Will, insha'alla
Will I? Its stillborn thought, resting heartbeat
Pausing sea the face of Wisdom and Longivity, no seashell sound
My single iris of the storm eternally far, expanding
From falling through the Dead Zone half blind, we carbon dust of stars

We ride the dark to nowhere, we do not feel the
hailstones, shake with them the grid of one and many
The last of warmth our soul asleep through winter, Leyden foil
our fates but strands of hair flying apart, insulated Tesla coils

* * *

The great umbilical christening oil from above or lost
deep six below, broken turbulence, chaotic top and bottoms
Pinches apart plasma anchor rings, I cannot see you on this surface yet
I follow you as they pull the plug, my tail not eyes ride light, lightning bug
My X-ray feathers cold and soaked oil slick heave made of
spumes and scud of vanished forests and fauna up from the mud

How can we weigh, explain how our spirits and stars evaporate
if we cannot see that of the dewdrop, the universe one and
All electrons on an oil drop, sleep itself a windless aether?
Without your wings I swing through jungle vines like rope
Catch your hopes before distilled, fermented Everclear your wine
there in some diorama of your Deltafane our child's hands play school
Drawing, learning our "A B C 's"

* * *

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