Friday, October 15, 2010

INSEI V: New Era of Theory

INSEI V: New Era of Theory

From Matti Pitkanen's blogspot:

"If I am right the nightmare of 40 years with Higgs potentials would be over. Also the desperate game with horribly ugly Higgs potentials of inflationary scenario would belong to the horrors of past. The entire GUT philosophy which is also essential for QFT limits of super string models would break down and we could start to do theoretical physics again;-)."

A comment to him:

Very interesting theories here. Lubos suggests even if the Higgs is discovered the effects could not be but inferred- surely you expect a more detailed mechanism.

I do not understand what you mean by k=89 here. (I mean something in my lack of education so I ask). I would however imagine it had a very intimate relation to symmetry breaking as the 11th Fibonacci number.


And I forgot to add how much I agree with his quote above on new physics again :-)

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From Lubos Motl, his reply on blogspot:

Lubos Motl
Dear Lawrence,

you're close: but the individual events that have been collected will *never* be conclusively showed - and can *never* be showed - to be due to a Higgs boson, even after the Higgs boson is discovered.

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Ulla said... in a comment to Pitkanen:

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Sultan Ratrout posted on my facebook in our language discussions:

And my reply was that this struck me as a high level language of notions, that we are not just some reductionist assembly code- the old digital and analog conflicts. That I had a desire to put these into symbols as I did with candle shapes and processes when I made them and with them got a better glimpse of space.

This refers to my last insei IV post.

I think we should be aware in new metaphysical speculations, or for new physics, that in the West explicitly (other forms and cultures may say same things in different symbols) we have to deal with the double influences of Greek science and Judaeo-Christian philosophies. So from a linguistic view these ideas are valuable to debate and are on topic to what is possible in language theory and perhaps in physics itself.

In the comment to Pitkanen above I add that 89 has been compared to the dimensionless constant 136- that is a decimal fraction of the series adds to 1/89, .2358... But to be clearer in this world which to me is a more "quasic" view of what space is- and without clear assertions here, I probably should have said super-symmetry breaking.

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