Saturday, October 16, 2010

INSEI: VII Amorese, Love and Cosmology

Here is a crude beginning as raw notions, [heart] or [Love] :

But where in space, its design, or for that matter the actuality and importance of the flow and actuality of time is there a measure of intensity and equality?

Certainly *m in that symmetry breaking is related to Fibonacci numbers- and thus the general idea of levels in space to which from some perspectives what may seem not equal are in fact equal. Still, we may assume that as a matter of probability that in a context of a system the equality between things may not be measurable absolutely, in fact these values may vary and even the degree of randomness may be different in effects or influences in some context or model to some general frame or design. So too the same for our notions of absolute necessary senses of our being.

Love, as vectors between one person to another for a human bond, emotional bond, is the same description for unrequited love from one to an other. In the first evolving of our hearts perhaps not to acquire the relationship with the loved one is an earth shaking disaster of which our notions leave a vortex of emptiness that colors the whole of our lives- or so we think at the time, if we so survive the event wounded irreparably to our isolated ideas and faith in new states of love and perhaps even greater ones. But no one wrote the book of love, its reasons and compromises, its vulnerability to our human frailties as the lover and loved one changes despite any wise efforts... lucky at love is that it endures the moment. Yet on the danger of innocence if it survives or not allowed in the beginning is that its lessons learned become our love song haunted by hidden necessity now they ghosts.

Yet, no matter our design of emotions in mental and real space there is a sort of conservation of love as well its gains in thoughts and intensity, a universe that for anything else at least it aids survival in the bonds and lessens life's pain, we the cliche of selfish love between us, ours the whole and isolated universe that is in anguish we are so not each other, when love falls and breaks apart too much and doubts its limits and compromises, does not find deeply its real stable truths. Love even with our ideal soul mate as a notion takes time as well as instantly beyond any ideas of singularity be that full or empty, but once the twists and turns and vectors asked between lovers- love is like the sharing and reading, anticipation of each others minds as if we exchange mere universes- and sense more...

Clearly, when we invert the masses perspectives of the universe in some ways we are isolated and controlled unto some belief or ideal, perhaps fanaticism- a sense of survival and an inevitability of this path historically of our world and its states and denizens - Such love spurned unto conflict and not returned to one model which is artificial as much as real (barring intercession of higher loves for those far from it when in fact it is alive and well everywhere and accessible in all things- so in the myth of civil authorities we should not be surprised that Committees of Vigilance arise to set fascistic example regardless of who is or confesses a crime- after all a civil authority may also let the guilty, shown guilty, go free. Still the ideal is that peace and love, less conflict from diversity or like the short lived Etruscans a narrow other worldliness are attributes of the children of God.

* * *

Here is the idea of Wireless Hearts from Sultan Ratrout which inspired the linguistic thoughts where we treat emotional notions as if words- I imagine it like the jack-o-lantern as classical physics, the ghost as that more than physics, and the quantum cat- humor as still a frontier in philosophy despite its long familiarity and the acid test and question of philosophy- free will and determinism. We have to begin to organize our thoughts somewhere- what better than this idea of social networks with its emoticons and common chat abbreviations.

I understand also a category "inspirational heart"

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