Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heavenly Lavaverse Brought Down to Earth

Heavenly Lavaverse Brought Down to Earth

Man's achievement in cosmology is the taking of the Euclidean vetical plane and laying it horizonal for the foundation of physics. Which way does the heat flow in this picture? Where is the gravity? Sometimes complex and deep physics are inspired by simple models like the water drop ones (but here I just post a poetic metaphor). Do the surfaces collide, expand, inflate? Given the heat source from outside our bottle one can observe a cycle of things and perhaps name the images after some familiar form- no tripod here so the consciousness observer has to minimize the shaking. These forms in the background of vibrations internal to the liquids fit general patterns despite local instabilities.

So what are we thinking when we say up and down? Past and future? Twist and shout? What regions divide some continuum metatatively and smoothly as if we can count the Brahmins and their universes as many as the ants?

Upon the sea of uncertainty, or those empty of the light and music, do we not look upward or afar? Do we not stand tall and upright on the ground until after many dawns we feel the earth spin? As solid as the size of grains of sand we dance relative and weightless so down in earth what is substantial, collasped we say, is some dance toward hidden compasses.

Even Einstein thought about the Brownian world between our quantum and classical dreams- and Feynman his plinths in vibration. Gravity, if the world left static to itself in a bottle some hothouse glass of electron shells in reflections- we lost in the snowy sky and terrain or in an airplane at dark of night disoriented, seems to find its levels as if oil and water, jet streams and clouds.

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