Thursday, May 31, 2012

What We can Learn from the Soul of Silicon Life Forms

What We can Learn from the Soul of 
Silicon Life Forms

L. Edgar Otto   30 May, 2012

In the integration thru time, the sense of the external to the self or soul, we can find also the integration of time.  This is our first intuition on formal and informal ideas of dimensions, of the fifth that it is vaguely thought it can resolve the fourth such that time as the fourth dimension is both a philosophic and a scientific interpretation.

Psychology, as it appears on the cave walls that are the boundary of ourselves and others can be thought to be a method of mind games of stealth into the heart and soul of others and the development or awakening of each life in its mental and such holding of diverse values as if of moral structures.  If we begin to understand this aspect of the mind then it makes more sense we can define mental illness or any biological state we regard as disease with reference to at least a social system that decorates its expansion, makes its colors and graffiti on a social wall by club or bombs or some stealth looking into the depths of silicon heaven as a society or state and its life as diseased.

Silicon, an analog to carbon and the sense of mystery as felt by our blogger Ulla.  As the depths of TGD of dark matter like aspects of our periodic atoms.  Of silicon he reports can diffract gamma rays- and what is the idea of various levels of the Planck parameter but that a photon being the same particle has some distinction leaving the electron configuration as distinct from leaving the nucleus?  On how many levels in the depth of trying to understand physics as these parameters can we extend this stance from here?  But this question too is one of the architecture of our souls and how we strive to deal with understanding it as wellness and the simple business of love and life in our getting along.

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31 May 2012

The Dialogs of Eide I find interesting for alerting me to deeper interpretations of Plato's allegory of the cave.  Here I view it as our skin and what we project or paint on it from deep down into our metal and physical core, matters of appearances.  I find it especially like a clue to those around me and whom I have encountered in life who have talked about their rituals of cutting themselves (in one case the lady replaced with with various symbols of tattoos as if her skin the celestial globe and on it variations of myth and links to the world and what she cares about painted on her constellations of stars.

This is perhaps a key to real science of understanding our thin watery skin of this world and its sciences of the weather to which our current view that it is finite but boundless is not considered in its equivalent at the beginning as infinite but bound, along the lines of Hawking, in the process theology too of Whitehead (and if Euclidean space had to be modified in his system how much more so the non Euclidean spaces seen in a slightly more general light?

I am in general not found of the first blush idea of negative or negentropy as TGD uses the word for I think it too vague to say life, as a mere observation is anti-entropy as in our first general systems theory era.  But from one stance this can be a reborn or revised idea made concrete where such new theories as Pitkanens  from that intelligible take on the physics.

I find Lubos with the statement the other day of seven loops in that methodology close in conception to Kea's work with her take on these still new to the mainstream ideas of topology and combinations and so on.  Hers too is the daring to look deep into the core for higher things in the new physics but intellectually, not that it defines us depending on the shallowness of our stances and views.

It is the core of our creativity that solves many of our current concerns of the paradoxes of physics and our own natures. How we relate to such multiple symmetries and identities of our soul, project it out or deal with the fulcrum of the mirror that so turns the shadows and the light as we negotiate from where the echos we make in the cave or too each other as we live on the tightrope of the real.  What do we expect as a society of insurance and guarantees save our Savanna dreams must now supply the co payment to remove the dead wood and repair our houses, that more than the cost of removing the whole tree when the Dutch elm hit not that long ago?  This is true to for the cost and research of medicine of which even in the physical all address is only the surface, the superficiality of symptoms.

Trees come and to and one small one I planted as a child, I see on Google earth it is wider and taller than me and stands out on the street next to a sea of concrete parking spaces- but I remember the old remnant of the forests, the ivy, the several storeys of tree houses depending on the age of those who could climb... all the wild life. One could walk on the branches.  Yet, in the end as the meaning recedes into some neutral desert no place is left save what the people did there and then- this is the more concrete of the creative soul in memories.  The world a magical place is replaced by our own magic.

Well, I am in a place now only there is really no way to hang anything on the walls, or as renting or selling a home one does not let anything appear on the refrigerator so that the prospect can put up their own symbols, express themselves. This is perhaps true also of ideas for virtual space and communication, depending on how high and what age he who comes first to the cyber tree house- and what the choices of flags- and who shares the values and symbols so as the measure is a community that comes together.

The Dialogs of Eide had a favorable review of the Don Juan series of which some regard as a travesty of new age contrived anthropology.  But in view of these ideas of mirrors we can project our creativity of what we can see from deeper within if we dare to look and survive it.  Moreover, in the symbolism it is clear to me that certain ideas were there which as a myth has a sense of explanation for some of the new physics later of which for my systems there were no real prescience for the reality of such pictures, even in the science fiction.  Of course such stories may not clearly end as we who exist progress and long for more.

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  1. I am interested in Si as opposed to C Life, but the problem with Si is the water. No dance.

    Homeostasis IS negentropy, and try to explain Life without homeostasis... To simply talk of anti-entropy is too simple to describe life, therefore the term negentropy. It should perhaps be throught of in terms of boundaries or entanglement. There can also be negative negentropy which is something quite otherwise than simply entropy. Try to draw it on a paper, then you see.

    This is eg. nothing special for living systems, also atoms show a remarcable negentropy. Because if you create something there must be negentropy? The border against dissipation as seen in homeostasis is something special for life, though?

    I want to tie down Life to its essential charachters and I have began thinking that Schrödinger went lost. And all that follow him.

  2. Ulla,

    I cover this more in the next post. Let me know if you understand. Thanks for the interest and reading. (I do not know why the illustration comes out vertical it starts out right side up, but in the upper left hand corner is the Chinese for "Life Force". The term Dead Zone is a technical one.

    I find it interesting homeostasis, cephalation, anti-entropy were all terms of the first general systems era some of which ideas are still worthy of our consideration.