Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Twelfth Wall

The Twelfth Wall

L. Edgar Otto 07 August, 2012

Given at least four natural dimensions there are symmetry analogs to the fourth wall concept. Internally, externally or diffuse we can understand a string of DNA like coding as presentational or representation in field or particle influence between the topological elements involved.

This amounts to a colorful notation, for clarity, in two space. But it can be generalized intelligibly to higher space and additional symmetry principles for a quason system. A stack of DNA can be thought of as a physical wormhole like tunnel as well as one more abstract, and also combination thereof.

It is within the grasp of this mathematical stylization or recreation to count the further generalizations of symmetry into the higher natural dimensions using the ideas of combinotorics were say we permute or consider a more general group multiplication in the possibilities of color shifting for a sequence of colors arranged in a given base.

There may be a connection to a sequence of an actual organic entity, say a virus or its constructed and in the system the memory of construction for a resonance or rejection of a string, to the associahedron some slice that is an actualized natural dimension.

In the color encoding the code notation itself contains clear elements of symmetry as does perhaps the DNA itself as the carrier of the meaning and information it may express. We can consider things from different representational views, that is arrange these as if in the fifth dimension to so include some tiles or in the full symmetric count at the most reduced level style this as the forty ninth window or wherever the numbers apply to the count intelligibly and arithmetically so to imagine a further window to which we may presume to view from within or through the curvatures of tangible dreams. It is no wonder with neural vacuum particle ideas of these exotic spins that a 13th window can be doubled to the boson 26 among the string like theories- or quasic systems of 21, 30, 36, 28 and arithmetically what seems to be exception that is a hard question to explain of the generation of the so called magic numbers in the description of an atom as a reduced style or notation of the Monster group quason.

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