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Imagomnium (IOm)

Imagomnium (IOm)

L. Edgar Otto     Sunday, 12 August, 2012

The idea of 'imago' as a generalization of quasireductionist space in a plane as multidimensional and multisymmetric interactional brane in its perceived and actual presentations of objects with efficacy in their being by virtue of abstract structure (as in the assertion that atoms or strings have an influence relating to their physicality) is concerned with proportions over the various dimensions and directions; the centering of indefinite extents and how ratios between them may correspond, the transcendental ubiquity of certain constants considered together; such that these can be coherently and intelligibly organized in both the subjective and objective as reality.

This technical space will be useful to develop as a matter of some mensuration methods for example in multidimensional printing and phenomena that concerns an exploded view of the natural dimension in binary coordinates.  For the plane view it amounts to the treatment of shrinking or rotated ratios by doubles and halves to which the stereometry is intelligibly conserved or in the diffuse grue (green or blue, Fr for crane) quasisynthesis of what are hidden or not of actual effects by construction or that constructed of such multidialectical entities.

In the illustration I see by the change of color of a slice of tomato that the gold and ruby differences show up to the eye when the manipulation of the photo involves focus and color.  This corresponds in the colorless texture to the hard and yellow parts in normal light we find in the heart of some of the lesser quality tomatoes of the same variety.  The question and issue here, by theory (beyond the grue of what is heirloom inhereticence or cultural issues of say race and genes as quasidialedctical and multilevel appearing logical layers of unscientific true and false actualities) is one of mapping intelligibly the growth of such organic systems and the minerals in the mix as if higher color systems correspond and apply say by radiation tracers.

This tends to demonstrate better my position that the mere outside of a chemical to mimic say the taste of butter flavor in popcorn can have hidden effects in the depths- a discovery coming up recently as to the influences of this chemical when microwaved as a possible relation to Alzheimers.  The surface or the volume of things, holographically or fractal in principle should be understood in this imago space for the sake of more than white wash of symptoms or surgery of unseen and local effects of what is called vestigial tissue such as the tonsils and the recent role they play in T-cells, that such a space in its coordinates and programming can be a sane tool of health and utility if we desire as scientists to cure more than cover up the symptoms or demand these are a cultural bonding of the handicaps (such as that of the way of life of the deaf).

These general and alternative views should be made available to the masses, as well methods of healing, and faced with the maximum of ten billions or so of our global population the imago space principles should first be applied to agriculture for their fertile soil of supersymmeties.

The pictures (we can imagine a process of three D printing as animation also) in the right lower corner with the 13 stars in the Otto-symbol of seven regions in via the golden proportion and half of the value in the sketch of transcendental symmetries and half symmetries suggests the appeal to the 56 stars plus one and so on in the counting.  Layering is in a sense Euclideanly ambiguous or potential in discernment or physical realization.

In this idea of an animated physical system that goes beyond the standard ideas of physics the cranes (grue) as the pigments shift from red to gold again we have the thoughts of 'galatomic' from the philosophychatforum who envisioned the general evolution beyond the big bangs in succession as mechanical thus physical constructors or 'ecotoms' in the microworld of future space to be built, to come.  I resist the temptation to merely post the pictures rather than offer explanation of my links of symbols but surely the day will arrive when this is sufficient in terms of what we see at least in the walls and windows of the internet and world wide web.  We may go beyond the mere entertainment of such viewing to real contact with what at first seems intuitions upon which we will likely stumble.

For my friend who imagined, quite besides the idea of energies and measures involved, a rain of diamonds from the sky... such an image seems useful say for the environment building for human life on Mars with its carbon atmosphere- that as a resource, that as research and cure rather than money not better spent on insurance as a form of scarcity and fear where the people are vulnerable.  For could we not build of fine carbon fibers that equivalent to our ozone layer as if some myth of an age of ice around the earth in the sky that melted and made the great flood as we are pushed from our illusion of a garden and its commanding and dueling creators.

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