Friday, August 17, 2012

The Quasi-finite Engine (Of Symmetry and Stars)

The Quasi-finite Engine
 (Of Symmetry and Stars)

L. Edgar Otto 
Friday, 17 August, 2012

We began a great era of exploration that matures our idea of the science of the physical world when the fixed spheres, a meteor hitting the moon, began our doubting the perfection of the world created in the mind of a Deity without error, in the general reduction of purpose and evolution to the Platonic sphere, the nous, the pantheistic general panorama of all seething and diverse into Spinoza's globe.

So it is that in retrospect these ideas, the action and the image in the mirror to which Einstein remarked the equator of the sun moving faster than the poles has no known explanation, that to see how perfect and still the hotter front and surface of our local star is and its place in the creative hierarchy of that living poetry we call energy surely must strike us as a surprise.

What is held inside an agate stone by ideas of crystals to which the outermost layer starts the journey of glowing and solid things no matter how we turn to view the frozen action of some trace arising from the sea, to the sky, to the stars?

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Link to further evidence of a dawning age of new physics..all too earth bound still our dreams of dark matter...

Link:Sun's Almost Perfectly Round Shape Baffles Scientists

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