Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Bang, Big Chill

Big Bang, Big Chill  The Omnium View of the Quasifinite Universe

L. Edgar Otto  August 20, 2012

This paper comes after reading another great speculation on the nature of the universe called the Big Chill which joins many theoretical constructs such as the Big Crunch and so on... The article insists much like my quasic region pixel-like singularity origin but everywhere some ultimate finite pixel... I get the impression it is rather like a reverse of such theories as the big bang and even a steady state cosmology.  While I have been off line awakening with red eyes and sore neck deep into how the information works so close to my methods it takes awhile to translate, the information view is not the end all model nor are my methods the same sort of theory although uncanny close it can be confusing. (after all does not the DNA itself contain material information not just a mechanism to arrange nanotech sequences and so on?

I will post some drawings of those web page studies just after this post as they came before the four pictures here called bigbangbigchill, bigchillbigbang, chillbang, and Leonardo action figure. Close to the logic in the paint program I hope you find the symbols and photos interesting.

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