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Stealth Code Choice Agendas

Stealth Code Choice Agendas

L. Edgar Otto    27 August, 2012

"It is a good thing war is so horrible or we could grow too fond of it."   Robert E. Lee just after the slaughter at Fredericksberg

Where there is freedom of speech and a general state of nonnecessary enquriy as the realized truths at foundations,
a single individual may set the agenda for the evolving directions of reality by default or collective belonging of our pursuits and purposes including filling emptiness by entertainment as relief from boredom and uncertainty in the engagement with real and imagined sentience unto unknowns.

Yet it is this very struggle to understand the grounding of the foundations that is open to risks as we contemplate the nature of the world and being that permits in established systems of beliefs, theory, and social governing that allows stray mutations to arise in surprises that may seem or in fact go beyond the security found in established order.

In matters of theory the issue is a clear choice as to if there are stealth or hidden symmetries of actions and if these are to be seen as ultimately a sea of chaos or not existent beyond its charge that this boundary, this wave guide that contains the directions intelligibly in retrospect is more than an extended fantasy or perhaps a front of truth in compromise.

The next level of theory will be more sophisticated than the simple need as we learn and feel man-made and natural disasters than our desire for legitimate leadership or processes that allow the influence of individuals with respect to what can be a significant and not pointless direction of future human systems in prospects by choices, will, and designs.  Our ideal political systems also need an era of scrutiny as to what is the merits of individuals who by accident or sense of election choose public service with sufficient support to insure the real and ethical achievements of reasonable self interest in the enterprise. 

The collective in itself is not the ground of support for when the state or society, beyond theoretical closed analysis as in planning groups or universities with policy agendas, nor the seeking of attention for its sake alone by individuals the guarantee of a stable society, for the claim the system of the collective is the driving force of projects is equally the counter claim that the state by its hegemony undermines the abilty of individuals to initiate and sustain economic projects.

* * * *

I offer today a more artistic recreation in this foundations of what is vaguely the issue of what is classical and what is beyond that suggested by color vectors when it involves the closer nature of what is seen and not stealth in symmetry when compliments and inversions are considered.  Classically, we imagine not only the electric and magnetic vectors but a positive or null state of capacitance unto the absolutes of curved and flat that is a perpendicularity to both the electric and magnetic vector considerations of symmetry.

The confluences of rivers, or rivers through inlets far into the sea, do flow naturally down and are one river while the distinct states of temperature or salt and algae blooms are maintained awhile in the general flow.

Beyond that as a mathematical recreation I analyze a very simple structure for the layering of a more general idea of three dimensional printing beyond color in the bits of transparency.  But this structure itself can be the joints for the unfolding into tetrahedral trellises, that is in matters of what is the concrete physicality the general ideas beyond this qualitative thus philosophic encounter with color we can by construction realize the overt and hidden principles that in the stereonometry is the skeleton on which theory builds regardless of how deep or high from a flat space we define physics properties as nonlinear or non-Euclidean in its breathtaking but now outdated ideas of wider logic.

* * * * *

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