Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Myth of Quark-Gluon Plasma

The Myth of Quark-Gluon Plasma

L. Edgar Otto      16 August, 2012

As powerful as the idea is that we can reach an experimental level that finds a state of matter presumed in a past time the main state of the universe, it is an idea more an ideology with errors of design.  In that some would hold mathematics as a faith, one that unlike other faiths can prove its based on faith, then what can be said of mathematical physics if in the actual nature of matter and antimatter this is not the general condition so may not conform to the catechism of the current faith even by the evidence of experiment other than a local condition here and there rather than more of a freedom, a bundling of unique choices as if an asyptompic will that may forever fall to deeper technologies or levels and those perhaps out of reach in the practical and intelligible world.

We make a myth or a guess as to the reasons for why in equal parts in theory matter and antimatter became unbalanced... yet as the world evolves in the generality of the Omnium model once set at a distance these remain in the sense that we distinguish matter and antimatter.  This is not a matter of symmetry breaking as understood for while in principle an enormous amount of energy can be gleaned from small quantities of these mirror forms of matter in the global scale, and especially the distribution of higher or Omnic energy in concept, this does not operate on a vast scale over the various evolving structures of multi dimensions.  That is, we can speculate on systems made of the oppositie form of matter but this in a more general theory is not the case even if at the initial conditions the choice of which hand the matter sets into the future is even.

It is a solid principle or article of faith that we distinguish the odd and even numbers in our equations when it is not that simple.  As such a stance it is clear that those who see the universe along these rigid lines, who obviously and intuitively understand that space is not empty but has structure and moreover energy over wide limits at least, that something like wimps annihilating would be the general uniformity of laws across at least the observable universe and nothing deeper, nothing meaningfully higher dimensional, or hidden in the super symmetries, is there save but at some absolute surface as if say the black holes have no within.  Thus, and primitively, while they are right to very small scales about the seething quantum foam it is not quantum formalism that is the nature of this abstraction of laws of energy.  In the creative omnium system we can observe pair production already of gamma rays acting as if from a discrete jump in the nature of identical leptons and not just from some mythical crutch or particle such as wimps.

While such things are intelligible they are not so centered in our understanding and perceptions as we suppose nor are they a wide chaos.  It is rare in the what seems other worldly  or up from nothingness spontaneous creation of such objects it is not likely, as if the influence of the probable world once set in motion over a span, that some region or some systems in the universe radically and be in a state of spontaneous combustion.  This is not to say on a lesser level there are uses for these things for stars while slower in the forming do in fact form far from the proposed myth of big bang or other such cosmology.  Physics from this view may surprisingly be erroneous and in a bottleneck of theory and application, its proponents embarrassingly and radically at the foundations very much dated.

However, it is possible in the understand of these alternative and new physics ideas, without a loss in some science fiction like idea we take from an imagined other universe, a more general form of energy as the omnic energy to which a whole new physics of formulation is needed to awaken us to new facts and methods. Nor do we take from some hierarchy of levels with the quaint ideas like in higher spaces gravity for example is a stronger force if we would jump to that level of the vague idea of higher dimensions.  The physical limitations (and possibilities) here are along the same principles of the resolution of the paradoxes of time travel in our current level of sci fi imagination.

There is no guarantee that the obtaining of such wisdom will bring us to the point, in the issue of uniqueness that also is fundamentally an omnic problem at the foundations, that we reach a point to which our best dreams and possibilities more than an assumed allotted span of life for individuals and the species short of some intuitive heaven (for memory persists in a sense throughout life and is passed from life to life, its influences of ongoing uniqueness), as we inhibit ourselves and the world in its open enquiry we wither to that degree the life of our species to which even knowing, even blessed, it is a tragedy that things not forbidden by the universe or God with change can have the hard reality such of our future souls are too late as they fade into sleep.  While we cannot punish those in the past as such we could argue, if it is done in honesty and truth, we are morally responsible for those in the future we here and now punish, that includes the common sense moral idea of those deluded and with lies who think a life work, the simple living, does not take deep focus and effort in which caring for others is the evidence, a proof of faith from the consequences of our decisions and a measure of our health and sanity.

The nature of the world is a structure that would suggest a Deity sets things in motion then steps aside, at a distance once set so remains at a distance, the world left to invoke Him when our wisdom has not been refined deeply enough.  But this is the structure of the general universe in physical principles at least in myriad layers... for the ultimate singularity always was and will be and every where yet here and now in the creative dimensionless moment as well in the dynamics of will and freedom at the foundations of the why of being.

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