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L. Edgar Otto    04 August, 2012

I am walking through the streets at night on the way home in the shadows and the darkness, in the whispering lights in the distance, a television beacon, a neon cross on the church of my old neighborhood as if a fixed landmark to find my way through the shifting grid of streets, the noise and then the lights of the helicopter taking off from the hospital.  All things here but the stars past the city lights and even then the thought that in the silence some imagine we can hear the angels.

As I descend down from the hill to the stores and bars down town, the old high school now the center of the county educational administration, stays level while the bricks in rows of the wall containing the stories and foundation, the soil and its garden, the easement to the parking ramps, the siren on the top near the flagpole in honor of those served in the war with Spain, I keep my head level.  I recall in winter ice how I slipped down so fast but kept to the sidewalk and not into the cars weaving side to side and holding a tenuous grasp, a branch or rock a novice underestimated at the steepness of his climb as if alive and fearing a fall they dare not move too much either up or downward, no place to go yet in the trap they must go.

* * * * *

It is not that everything is contained in everything else nor even if the nature of things can be explained with or without the idea of some ultimate atoms.  So too, some think of the strings (like Lubos) as having a sort of material physicality and yet the point is missed in the old world of early physics of the last century, ideas of Newton and Mach, that the influence at a distance has to be deeper than what is considered the mass and what the gravity as surely as in the theories of our day.

Such reflections are not in some distant parallel place or universe, but are here and now where the light seems more or less fixed and the train track gauge our sensible measure even with the change of scale at the jittery square root of the time.  For if I ride the rail that opens closes and my wheels are half cones pointing outward my path stays level as things spin and in the main, you see I am on Main Street now but it only once was the center road in town, I do not encounter many walking by nor are the chances great as I slip through the traffic obeying the law of using one's head to the conditions- paying attention, trying to anticipate what motorists are thinking yet not listening to them for they see the traffic half blind as well as I do.  I pressed the lights to cross the other day, obeyed all the laws, looked both ways, but a large pickup truck raced toward me to beat the yellow just before the driver saw me and came to a screeching halt I halfway through the marked safe crosswalk.  Sometimes such laws are too perfect and I have to reevaluate my situation and its effects on others in the near miss that from the play I almost abruptly fell off the stage.  It is no comfort to imagine some angels watch over me as it seems they are wont to do with the immortal daring risks and bad weathers of childhood.

* * * * *

If such a grounding of the world, although it is not forbidden, finds no necessary certainty and its distances are only relatively fixed once set into motion, then in the social climate this is the highest reality that we exist for the culture and the cult of the state- but equally in a view of explanation our purpose is as much for an individual to live and determine one's own life and how to live as the world shifts subliminally in the compass of consensus that tells each generation, each in abundance or struggle by ancient tribal wars, the philosophy with shifting sand for a ground quick and sinking with more movement to climb out, head above the water staying level or one would so believe or believe wrongly where the chains of fear are false that hold us that we desire in the touch and sight of connections to find and insist perhaps on how others should live and believe, then the non-necessity of reality is always the virgin ground.

The simple quason model is such a view of reality as grounding for in each distinct axial direction the rule of abstract motion, the seemingly mathematical prime and fixed pattern within the open and closed strings that so ground their process and role in physicality, the directions of the gauge may shift differently in their fixed distances as probabilistic origins and span of forces at endings.  We have then a further generalization of that which is recursive and reflected into other states, particles, quason fields, subjective realities experienced, and so reduced to a simple theory of what we have the power of mind to imagine a vast complicated affair- and this could be as it certainly seems true to those who speak the vastly complicated notations and equations of mathematical physics, such worlds may be there vastly more complicated to which our simple understanding seems but a natural faith we take on shadows and glean the reality of our intuitions.  In this respect we have to generalize the core notions of Mach in regards to the physicality of mass and its expressing in the descriptive physics idea we call gravity.  What after all keeps two strings at a distance and  if their resonance or level of gauge depends on spinning things of chirality and half of chiral spin how can this not describe the next level of foundations intelligibly in the dusty facts as well as theory?

In the quasifinte resolution of the reality of physics, of a philosophy of continuity as our natural grounding of experience, understanding is an interplay of what we regard as the level living of in our being and experience and yet in the fall or rise to more complicated things beyond the next hill, beyond the bottomless pits of analogous imagination, beyond the endless computation of which we do not know at what level of philosophy it may not resolve or even meet our ideas of real or futile rapidly awakening thoughts of finding the dream made real, and often rashly, of singularity as soon as our thoughts dare face the questions for enquiery and contemplation.

* * * * * * *

added on Aug 5 : as I walk along the city streets on this hilly but seemingly flat earth of a city the relation in meta-space of my center to the lines of buildings seeming rigid in the circumference  of the horizon I know that that influences and connects to my centered position but also in the higher scheme of continuous things I have an influence on the periphery too as a possibility in physical or meta-space and beyond it. Our dreams are a lot freer in that respect to the simple quason models we design to encompass symmetry.


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