Friday, August 10, 2012

The Presentational Plane (Brane)

The Presentational Plane (Brane)

L. Edgar Otto   Friday, 10 August, 2012

If it is not clear philosophically if we touch the near or far in our perceptions, then through a wall or window we interpret what is near or far.  On the side of the rational view things can seem view afar from the near, or in the mirror we feel within, the sense of heaven or hell in imaginative structure, the dramatic is deep and far to the nearness of our sense of being.

Where these join in the tangential plane to our center of being, a linear horizon, the orientation to our directions as gravity cuts through the up and down.  This can be extended into space as if presenting to the universe or others a presentational slice as if a flat or spherical lased wormhole analog in the counting of things.

When we consider the houses of the zodiac as if by the old almanac of the charts, that is to say map the place where the celestial terrain meets the landscape of the map at a place where is there no clear distinction or confusing and that being the idea of a shadow multidimensional matrix or plane, merely the counting of twelve things and the 13 window in the center, a new constellation, a new Olympic god somewhere behind Venus, Cupid.

This matrix contain the transcendental ratios of a plane being unity in this spacious zero, then the golden irrational, then the  natural log base, and finally the value pi to which we can count the regions as the various windows and binary bifurcation regions in viriality also for the plus one windows of the counting, such as 56 + 1, or 16, 32, 64 and so on.  In some cases the fourth or fifth primary axial colors depicted here are hard to see in the detail for the numbers themselves are very small differences where physically nature too can find a proximity of uncertainty and confusion and yet the probability that which is closer as such may merge, combine.

To this end I offer two illustrations which could stand alone as explanation to those who have grasped such a stance toward chirality and symmetry in the cosmic coding tiles.  I contains a thousands thoughts in the proximity of symbols that merge or so divide not just a dabbling of paint and light to which we all make colleagues of bits of color we find and so glue and cut, a paper machei modern and post modern in the hidden symbolism.  On which side of the brane so one handed can we view or balance each others hearts and souls?  If the intentions can be focused, binary bifocals offered to view the mirror dark and the bright terrain, can they not in the world make connections from the new physics to the technologies, especially for organic wholeness?

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