Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pram and Perambulation

Pram and Perambulation

L. Edgar Otto     30 August, 2012

The simulation is fleeting & only perfect in itself
   prime focus recurs in its vanishing
Drama lives in the fading oil cloth of natural burns
   the dinner table stacked high against the fall as
Ideals in turn are attrition in changeless patterns of tradition
   we sacrifice our centered hearts that we forever grow
No denizens in the wild some recipe making genes
   no ownership or ultimate levy to protect the greens

The lampposts shrinking in the distance as Einstein
   pushes & pulls the pram defines not his child
A copy of himself but not him as precipitation resolves true
   for the lamp is not the light still enough to see
As we ride one photon of sentience, accept against the fright
   awakening mourn lazy commerce by the Zurich Zee

* * *

The average life, gift of no known cost or measure free
   cannot out smart the trolls, their riddles, pay their fee
Another generation of fresh skin to scar and burn, make
   plastic of callouses in the sunlight, recycled dust in urns
Fill all space with ink & paints, indelible symbols of graffiti
   Lady & Tramp in caricature consume kiss lifelong along
A strand of spaghetti, civilized, bare naked, myth so real

Our commanders, our gods for all who can rebel, change
   stoic to the play, excited by seasons renewed rearrange
Scoundrels demonizing empty law Libra lost Scorpio claws
    legends, action heroes as if any of us matter we
Who feel safe or trapped in the flock against the flack & 
    interference lead ball cannon scatter, cannot see me
Now giving birth to galaxies & stars, I lived, so now you
    I see build nests, write nursery songs

* * * *

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