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The Quasi-stable Lattice

The Quasi-stable Lattice

L. Edgar Otto   August 31, 2012

Nature evidently does not choose a grounding as to if the concept of gravity needs be in principle continuous or has to be discrete as quantized.

What then determines the foundations as to what is physical and what one or many algebraic interpretations grounding general reality as theory?

Penrose holds that stars are entropy creators and the black hole like creative objects are entropy eaters, but could this state of things not as well be seen in reverse?

Recently the idea of nilpotent or neutral structure of space and time alone comes to fore in such quasar like objects as being a science of creative structural stereonometry.

There is also evidence in the evolution of galaxies that these may have had a previous state, a center of being philosophically as I have long maintained a centering in the quasar era and not simply the quant idea of a pseudo-creative Big Bang.  Now the focus needs not be just for quasar like objects as understood in current astronomy.  Just as vague and a hint of a wider theory was Hoyle's statement that perhaps in the quasars the universe did not begin with a big bang but many little bangs.

In the illustration to this post I take the artistic sunspot and inverse its colors, re-sized in the duplication by neutral structure alone (that is a brane or surface not solely based on ideas of complex numbers in its generality, specifically the methods of fractals and so on...) Thus as physical the idea of a crater on the moon can be thought of as described as if the flat rim of cones in a creative phase upon a brane or sphere and in the background if we are unbiased to what we regard as a material or physical effect from a more general natural view.

Numbers, especially the role of primes and prime pairs seem to correspond intelligibly to these geometrical considerations by which the 24 cell 4D torus brane structure has an influence on the limits realized or perceived in familiar three space including discoveries of lattices and the role of multiples of 8 in the theories observing tablecloth neutral or dynamic negative roots of imaginary algebra fields and groups.

As a grounding in actuality realized in an evolving universe with respect to that by default of its totality is  quasifinite so fixed this grounds while of clear surfaces of distinction introduces the idea of quasi-stability around such an abstract focus of states over the omnium of the general brane.

It is not so much that different algebras may describe the same reality as the physical in its most comprehensive nature can so allow the varieties of reality as well so described by the first few possibilities of an algebra that at least in our evolving state, becoming, are closer to a unified concept of reality.

That we treat such ideas of physicality as if applying to what we are aware of or imagine in our subjectivity is itself a quasi-stable state for we desire to explain or physically move objects that seem to correspond to more subjective states when it is not necessarily possible to reduce such higher qualities, as the lesser idea of color in the existence hierarchy of light, quantized or not, or at least on the way to do so we find new levels, even distinctly new general states in such a hierarchy of physical values. 

In short we need a wider concept of both the still somewhat poetic idea of time and energy to that of geometry and entropy as classes we try to contain the logic of our theories. While it seems reasonable and possible to describe things subjectively alone this too can be an excessive view that is lost in the immensity with restraints as universal as we think of gravity (in principle by Rowlands that part of the nilpotent algebra that is given as continuous irreducibly and as an element or principle that allows the definition or interpretation to ground particle physics on the whole) over a wider idea of time such creative effects may operate abstractly and beyond ideas of the order of temporality, that is we can change the present but only in a quasi-stable manner as to the summation of all such possible changes of state realization where recursion is multiple yet logically ordered in all its concepts and directions in designs of loops.

A simple model would be a ship designed as a torus which around the beginning of the last century would be stable against the motion of waves to compensate for sea sickness.  This shape is also useful to protect by structure alone fragile glass tubing from shattering in a fall.

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*****  Related comment to the TGD blog:


I am not quite sure I see where you are going with this personal perspective in regards to the geometrical concept.  Is it an error or one that seems to be a state of confusion in reality as well as theory and perception?

But I do feel honest personal testimony is important for the critical evaluation of a work until its level is surpassed by greater wisdom, the comforting truth for awhile anyway.

If a chiral object like a muon creates its own "everything else" null space (see Rowlands) then we can imagine two types of such space as well as that distinction you make with such particles. So yes it evokes ideas of dark matter and related to further thoughts on the role of time and tachyon theory (as hinted in my simple post today on quasi-stable lattices.)

But the chriality is not everything or the most foundational thing for say galaxy creation from quasar like objects.

We may imagine the 3+1 and 2+2 formulations equally well so in a sense that is not a mistake while it can be a natural confusion.  It certainly is not a mechanical blunder.

As there may be a picture of a previous state of the universe as to the precursor black hole like objects- a pre-hydrogen or neutronium era, certainly the physics of this state needs to be developed uniquely so there is still a vast world of work to do.


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