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Creative Research (The Art of Scientific Philosophy)

Creative Research (The Art of Scientific Philosophy)

L. Edgar Otto   13 August, 2012

Comprehension of a physical or theoretical system is sometimes a struggle between the creative intuitive and the rational reduction to physical facts as the concrete reality or interpretation of experimental or logical data.

From one stance or the other, as nature herself seems subject to her ambiguation, her drive to mutation and error with corrections in the general and specific actuality of uniqueness of being and beings, as if shadow matter and matter these stances interplay that one can dominate or trump the other in patterns of fixed form and evolution.

Our theoretical systems as well our longings to discover and invent, to explain or create one is as much an individual as a collective enterprise, a struggle in humans to which in the overt and hidden depths wisdom holds its own with the vastness of nature and the stances are if intelligible a nest for the security and development of thought.

Some arguements for the existence of a principle of physics only is as deep as to the span of our grounding in the world and of our perceptions but in the general idea of this dialectic of rationality and creativity what is from one stance can be dismissed in hidden levels assumed or limited in a proposed system.  In general these persist toward the fruits of enquiry toward a unified theory or coherent explanation of at least our immediate nature.

I see the Sloane's animation of galaxies on the Astronomy Picture of the Day and read the remark that this is strong evidence for dark matter.  What strikes me more than the general structure of bridges and voids is that the galaxy's themselves tend to be discs oriented in various directions.  Clearly in the billions of them containing billions of stars we can imagine how unlikely it is we stand out much as a place for the rise of sentience, something easily lost in the great but apparently finite, extent.

But from these principles, and in general of our achievements of arithmetic and topology in method if not full comprehension, I can imagine these labeled in the evolving as if the entirety of the three and four space can so map them as cells in a quasic brane each with its proper orientation label yet this can seem outside the system as questionable creative influence.  If the universe is thought by general spinning to eliminate the need for the idea of dark matter then how much more so the extension of these spinning things into a fractal like fractionating into myriad but similar entities?

I offer some conceptual corrections or clarification of yesterdays illustration involving Fibonacci pages and links as it was but a sketch, and subject to rational testing if we are not as strong or careful as the program in a machine for a game or if our sense of intuition is saturated with but dreams and not just the empty hint or rumor of dreams that suggest an explanation is forthcoming.  I try to make corrections on this layering of layering and overall unity of the structure as it naturally extends, delayed perhaps from the exploding or double exploding branching for growth that as in the trees can stand against the gravity without self collapsing while it strives to be self creative.

Philosophically, the art, science, and philosophy are forces we conventionally regard as a standard theory where thought strives to be unbiased and free- but what of religion, that is what of gravity?  What of all these subtle new ways to form principles of physicality for new alternative physics?

In a free community we can have connections that mimic the uniqueness we find ourselves in with our local part or even the totality of the universe if these are actualities in this question of uniqueness as a general principle of physicality to further investigate.  All these ways to which we distribute or transfer energy or define its compass in some natural structure such as a disc or sphere or side-winding sine and so on can be grounded in the cement of causality if we survive our trials and errors and correct when we are given but no new entities from the branches, nothing deeper than the stem and seeds for recurrences to uncertain depths beginnings tied to endings at least from the state of things lost often in a relative hierarchy of sovereignty.

On the foundations we need to carefully separate even the very simplest of numbers where they may contain different meanings in different systems.  I can imagine a lot more things to put into the framework of this filing and web structure, especially the 15 and of course the roll of 11 and the 89 lesser than that.  I wonder what it was I could not clearly see in setting up files along the lines that made it difficult and my abilities less than stellar- half the battle of finding new things is the honest assessment of that there is something we feel we do not know- not as in the saying for dark energy and matter it is all there is but we do not know what it is.  At the foundations the pages that initiate or terminate branches are equivalent as they set the system for a subsystem of differences.  If the general universe can be said the dream of a Creator then that part which we hold as real as it evolves is part of that dream in struggle with errors of comprehension.  This debris is the physical grounding of our own branching of comprehension.

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