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Pallium Principles and Nano-scale Biotechnology

Pallium Principles and Nano-scale Biotechnology

L. Edgar Otto 08 August, 2012

Of course four fold wall tiles work as well as the five fold in an intelligible system. One application found by experiment is the interrelation of biological sequences on the sequencing of nano series involving the use of gold. It has long been a mystery as to why gold salts have good effects on rheumatoid arthritis or lithium in relation to bipolar disorder. These in the use are not snake oils but are not always more understood than early scientific cures based on claims for products and processes as with the liver salt merchants at the turn of the century of steam. A lot of wealth depends on the maintaining of health effects as mystery.

Yet the possibilities of new cure raises foundational questions and in a sense is a measure of how deep a theory is as well as the experimental discoveries for as the new and deeper theories appear the old order of things changes to the point where the delay is long until the dawning on those involved that their world view is no longer a new state of things but the old ways will not be maintained, will become obsolete. Here we have to discern the choices made and it is more than some confabulation for a future, the idea of science projected into a future itself transcends our stories or the play based on time travel permutations.

Pallium is an old word for a type of comedy, and it comes from the Greek meaning a cloak. I have no general term for the combinations of biological molecules and he nano technology level of things as if a hidden or cloaked realm of the symmetries involved that form an intelligible continuum. I am not sure the suffix for philosophic and scientific continua is adequate to describe the comprehensive and general picture when these ideas touch and merge- as apparently in the sci mag article they explicitly do. The DNA influences the series of gold nano particle sequencing. Moreover it is demonstrated, of which as a theory the experiment could have been predicted and at least is explained by the symmetries of the window-wall 3+1 or 2+2 structural formalism beginning on the quantum electrodynamics and our ideas of chemistry as presentation process and representational catalysts.

In three walls of the four in this effect of a level of hidden or subsymmeties one form dominates the other to make the three symbols described, the globe, the star, and the hexagon. In general the fourth as plane dominates the isolated wall we call the sphere or monad. We thereby have an understanding of that between the physical and organic codonics which may help in the programming of sequences involved.

With such structural stereonometry and quasic considerations it is clear the DNA itself is the carrier of higher ideas like the drama and substance of intelligence, but it was once thought the soul was in the liver as the ancients divined from them some sense of the nature of the real and cracks in the tortoise shells, and the bark in burning bonfires from different angles of the bark of logs that suggested the four way dealing with information in binary such as the I Ching and yes the ten wings.

But such theories or rituals (consider there are 49 yarrow sticks as if a quasic theory of dramatic pallata walls) are as much an intuitive sense of future possibilities as it seems the wisdom known by the gods and forgotten, or the ancients. This sort of consideration suggests wider speculations are needed in the realm of sentience when emphasized from a quasi unified organic system, trans-generacy as a more general and nonnecessary term, even our philosophical assumptions involved in our wildest axioms of parapsychology.

If this leads to some possible better health or immortality and all the questions so raised, I find it will occur rather rapidly, more than we expect as a maximum. What will replace our age of computers we should have some idea by now and from future eyes this technical world will seem quite archaic as if we look back at medicine done by the town barbers.

Theories of probability themselves, as in slit experiments and Bell considerations are as if a wall of their own that may or may not see the hidden structures of Pallium symmetry. If I have doubted the use of my theories and their seeming simplicity it is perhaps a measure of the utility and understanding as so many mysteries are not a surprise or as once asked how I understood an alternative theorists view and no one else did on the sciencechatforum - that this too is a principle of our awakening new physics view and sentience.

There comes a point when the general value of science is greater in need than the private rights of ownership, greater than the state of cultures and nations at the time. What will any of mean in a hundred years at the rate and way things in science are going? Even then our forecasts and predictions may be underestimated as each makes his choice of how things will evolve and if our creative projects thrive and survive- or if we can shore up in our hegemony the realm that it has a chance to endure and grow. The idea of hybris is not just in the expectations of some scientists but in the drama of the social theories also to which in the end most are blind.

But then where does the reality and the connection begin with what is something like intention within and outside the play, the fabula palliata while we trade or influence each other through and between dreams as if to awaken those delayed in each other therein to touch as to heal, mix to the utmost the colors of separate lives as if the green and blue sand in the marriage ceremony of the islands as well the broken wine glass that rejects as much as joins connections with those of the spouses family?

So many plays have not survived although the genre of them may depend on a few fragments of examples. But what is the struggle but a contamination of joined lives where in our imaginations all seems to mix and churn almost beyond the laws of understanding and the bluff and bet and deal can be renewed as well as throw one out of the game always with the potential of self defeating cheaters.

I do not know if my synthesis has taken or is clear nor if it is as said of poetry just a reflection of my self as the subject to which what else can a poet easily know half writing in the dark, half part of the fanfare at the beginning or end of weddings blown and amplified in the spiral conch shells as empty now as the egg case seedlings were born fully formed over all entropic songs that haunt us with the wall of all seas around us and memories of those who crossed them on some higher plane. If you hear me then know that at any time I may exit the play but not by choice necessarily and thank you for being part of the creative game where we take the old classical plays as surely as our general sciences strive to find a sense of unity in it all and stand on foundations also from the past to make a new unified theory.

Link concerning the ideas around "intention" as a parapsychology involving experiments with water and prayer and so on... a question of consciousness which for me was in vogue in the mid 70's.

Link to the science daily article yesterday that synchronously inspired the theme of this abstract tiling symmetry in view of the in and outside the box of space as if a stage and play.

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