Monday, August 20, 2012

Mathematical Methods and Recreations (Working Off-line)

Mathematical Methods and Recreations (Working Off-line)
L. Edgar Otto  August 20, 2012

Drawings, html, java, css, clickmaps, links  and general systems design all seem to merge... the last photo generated by a Table as a fixed and moving element involved which can take things to higher dimensions still. I find it interesting the same page of sciencedaily com showed primitive factoring of primes with a quantum circuit but the nature of these themselves is a critical foundational issue.

I waited a long time in the picture of the water in the river on the previous post for those bottom dwellers to get excited enough to make such a big splash and hence the concentric surface rings in the part of the river that was still.

Animation may be my next step or applying all this to new songs and music with at least HD resolution if not then in the looping java or something so we can actually play on the web such higher space games so as to picture these ideas of combinatorial theory and how useful these can be when applied to the physics- If the symmetry does not send chills up your spine (see the article on memory and emotion same science daily day) then maybe you will not learn it deeply or recall it easily.  It all could have been in the books in some other and not just creative philosophy form (well, some ideas do strike me as crackpot- at least when these are said by established scientists- but how do we know?  I mean we can awaken to our own ignorance especially in this world of social fear approaching 1984 and feel, well normal, not something to take a feel good drug about- but my crack-pottery is right up there with the best of them if not off the charts as Lubos said.

What will we tell those ghosts before us or others if there to meet in the universe, or our children, or perhaps the angels... we personalize the giants into local rocks and make them gnomes, we name the cows Elsie but forget our own true animal natures and rights.  We all can do so much better.  Peace with Bravery if we still have to expend human emotion and life on that what should be an absurdity to us quasi-imortals.  With great self doubt there also comes the next storm of creativity which really will surpass our efforts as much as shore up what we action figures think life is all about.

The similarity of our times and lives astounds me almost as much as the great diversity of the experience if we could only live a thousand different lives, or the life of say our fathers and how he dealt with the world and its circumstances- how the action in his play becomes intelligible and in the general creation also awakens the emotions so as to awaken a living memory.  If the world at least were not promising at the core so many of us while rational would not allow some to defeat our great dream...our purpose.

Today I feel that if something like this exists already at least I did it on my own intuitively and  a few small things instinctively got there first and am still the only one in some small cases.

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