Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nothing, Almost Existed

Nothing, Almost Existed

L. Edgar Otto    August 29, 2012

Sometimes there is not much breaking news and the articles say in the science magazines are OK but not all amazingly relevant to the explorations at hand.  Music, and the various coloration clearly help explain the group theories and concepts- and lately I notice it does help my creativity and guitar playing of which I am doing more of as if to take a break from physics foundations.  At this point it is not the theory but the physical practice, dexterity, that determines the frontier of my limits.

I suppose, as in a note by Sartre as if to fill the blocks of days when one has little to say or no events stand out, but relevant to the philosophy he wrote "Nothing, existed..."  While virtual space has to be alive with daily content I am not driven to tweet my every move as if to leave a wake, as if to confuse the landscape and maps with the landmarks where not appropriate.

We do the best we can artistically to fill in with imagination what we lack of knowledge and wisdom.  I offer in symbolic digital photos and drawings alone such a visit by an artist in an old moldy book from long ago of what in the "New Astronomy" is an interpretation of a sunspot exceptional and with great plumes.  But sometimes the clarity of vision comes later and the symbols find parallel meanings if any and if they can find what is the reality of things, that or all such symbolic systems are in a general sense unreal.

Give me a set of colored pencils and ink and as much as I write with pen things slow down, but it is often worthwhile to relax at this raw first frontier of new intellectualizing and let the concepts grow.  I mean what seems to me a little too mechanical to be called an art, graphic designs, after all can be a source of fun where thinking the formal learning of reading and playing music as work is self defeating to progress and emotions.

Also, where heretofore my math balances my poetry,  in these times my drawing and music balances all the trying to grasp the technology involving the web and the coding... If I just were not so lazy and if the circumstances allowed such thought, and if we all were less than failed stars and broken people from the struggle to live.  That others and diet affects us or can leave us free of such aloof concerns such as politics and money or any appearances and pretensions, well, poverty is a relative thing and a balanced soul should expect the biased ones to see him off the curve as poor or rich, or beyond such a post economic idea of wealth. 

Now if I were not a little too tired or lazy or old, or even had the good new or my old lost tape recorders and songs- I could ease the burden of memory of all the new song directions and lines for my own American album.

I wonder why in the monitoring of the overview of encounters with these pages it peeked in Feb. 2012, I guess the general climate on speculation about the Higgs raised the general interest.  Sorry, in my informal posts on basic graph paper I made so many mistakes I now see through tired but clearer eyes- I will get around to that too...

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