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Quasifinite Space and Iterations

Quasifinite Space and Iterations

L. Edgar Otto    28 August, 2012

Iteration has its own descriptive symbol in my manuscripts for decades now, beginning with the behavior of ink drops in water forming a succession of tori as a phenomenon of turbulence not explained at the time and apparently still in need of further clarification.  It was the cursive terminal t followed by the more print like variety of r as one  symbol.

Here, as lately in the blogs and yesterday the science magizines the issue of iteration seems to be a current topic but throughout my on-line posts the subject comes up many times in relation to physics at the foundation.  The issue is close to that  of turbulence, and ideas of chaos of which it seems a hint that chaos occurs at the eight level and beyond.  Yes, and where is the chaos in quantum theory is a question asked not so many years ago.

The issue is tied up with that of entropy considerations and on the face of it seems in terms of space as quasifinite, that is in contrast to such classical absolutes as time as absolute and quasifinite in the ongoing evolving Omnium, to suggest a dimensional analogy where once the Milky Way was imagined all the universe in a vast sea of empty space, now perhaps the universe itself such an island in the immensity is suggested.

But this is less than a more comprehensive and general view for clearly this is a matter of some sort or range of perception and scale to which the finite nature of matter may appear as not smooth within a range or boundary of observed scale.  That and the relationship with time so imagined, the idea or even the illusion of the present within a range as finite in the immensity.  Time in this respect is less abstract and the relativistic spacetime idea may be itself an application to a quasifinite range of the universal axiom of physical laws in the wide uncertainty of theory.

Given just the galaxy there is sufficient entropy considerations for life to arise and be sustained at least in a window of evolving far from the violence, the radiated heat wasted into the vast unknowns.  So too we can ask such a question of the symmetry of entropy for the universe itself.

While there are several ways to describe reality with a similarity of laws we make the distinction that things tend to condense or crystallize or tend to disperse and make a stance as to which way the grounding goes.  Even in simple chemical and physical models we observe for example the idea of KMnSO4 when cooled will move to the center of a jar of freezing water.  The phenomenon is more than a question of that of general disorder.  In essence we can imagine in a sort of reverse time direction the idea recently as if to have to choose a general direction, say impulse reaction or free from impediments a statement that the understanding of physics is not to gain effects in terms of anti-centripetal devices, mechanically, within at least a certain range of occurrences.

I see reports then as in Orwin's comments to Pitkanen on the TGD blogspot of distinction between kinds of fractals. I find it the case that while recurrences and iteration are said to be the same phenomenon we can make a more subtle physical and philosophical distinction in view of the higher variations in symmetry we imagine possible in super-symmetry and in resonances of quasifinite particle scales. It cannot be just a description from the continuous or finite models alone although each can play a grounding part in the schemes of things.  Iteration in its widest sense is not necessary a recursive proof nor are such methods usually considered less than elegant in mathematical proofs.  Are viruses alive or only in a context, that is the issue that seems to me constrained in quasifinite ranges of interpretations, observation, and definitions of the physical.

By quasifinite and quasinfinite in this stereonomic sense of space and time I here mean the same thing.

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Next day seeing the usual sort of post on the subject by Lubos as if in the rocket ship of new physics the global cooling causes the breach in the O-rings...

I note in posting this the clear assertion today by Lubos as to the world not being classical in defense of it being quantum theory- well the world is not just quantum theory and no amount of wishing will make it true-  This is a spurious argument for as in there is no "foam" on the Planck level as experiment suggests at Fermi, see smooth universe, one could just as easily say it resembles a more classical and Euclidean approach after all.  In the speculations not even the highly imaginative idea of inflation will save the universe of Einstein from greater expansions from a world more than our local galaxy nor will Feynman find absolute truth in what is indeed a non characterized world (In Rowland's sense) by resting on a lattice of being an electron in his imagination.  These significant physicists would not approve of such limits to intellectual consideration.  Well, what is greater than (the nerdy preoccupation) with a Nobel Prize? Perhaps we should have the Crackpot Prize, and hey, Scientific American once printed that Nobel Prize winners beget Nobel Prize winners. (So who was in your class or with you in class dear Lubos?)

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Thanks to a link yesterday from Ulla which in the on line papers mentioned the work of Rolands on the foundations and the algebra of his Diracian 32 with nilpotency interpretation...  In some ways we have the same physical reality of which if it can be described as different algebras  something as in Rowlands insistence on the fundamental position of physic, the algebras must be wanting,

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