Thursday, August 2, 2012

General Quantized Loop Recursion Depth (QmRD)

General Quantized Loop Recursion Depth (QmRD)

L. Edgar Otto    02 August, 2012

In a quasic dimensional representation of an orthogonal lattice for abstract motion the axes are assumed on this level of analogy to form a hierarchy of 2^n values as to the natural order of the dimensions in question. One loop in one cell has a QMrd of zero, in the x direction we have two cells before the boundary of the Odocell-256 limits the looping in that direction. In the y direction we have four cells, and in the z direction eight cells. Presumably, if we do not allow the choices found in higher four space symmetry we have the w direction of 16 cells. But the overall structure of this (3D chess game) limits moves to the boundaries of the board in its axial loops. We can imagine a lattice of these Odo-256 reduced cells within a cell closed lattices of one ambiguous but dimensioned singularity in which case all 2^n motions may be considered continuous and he diagonal motion is complete to the level of the space described by a change of all coordinates of the binary value to which we may want to define nQmRD as a description of actual after the fact chosen pathways (depending on the rules and restrictions assumed as a generalization with respect to some variety of process or form of singularity connectivitity center choices.

This is much like the logic of analog and digital processing in the description of the foundations of a pattern for a physical system. Theories that postulate endless copies of something (say another copy of the world or a person so many atoms in combination away given enough time if the totality can be considered finite enough in a quasifinite and evolving universe, itself this nonnecessary idea of such multiplicity) is a question of meaningles or ambiguous form in relation to process (as if tables in tables that neither link the quasic similarity as identity or clearly a unique perspective from a continuous no singularity holographic centering of multiple connections). Also this is the objection as to the containing of substance or meaning when we execute a recursion of so many cell units in which case the counting or process seems arbritary in its intrinsic causation or ordering, and of the pointless shifting of the form or pattern values of ordering.

Alternatively, as in the overview of a system or dream or the implied overview from within such a system as managed or watched from outside we imagine the power of the process as in the cascading styles within cascading styles. In this vaguely analog and digital description we can imagine the combination of tables and click maps which also have to be creatively and continuously monitored by the styles of which the pattern is also the arrangement of the process- that is in-line computation. In simple intraweb design (and its interweb networking) we also can take advantage of the text list elements in the markup as a structure more emphasized as a fractal one including the self reference looping inside or outside a system.)

There are many variations in our representational pattern choices including the core ones of reflections or rotations at the Odocell boundaries open or looped or closed which define at least the equivalent to space as cylendrical, toroidal, Moebious and so on with higher gemetric analogs including motions in higher dimensions not expressed or are reduced in the lower dimensions or in a fractal holographic dimensionless and higher dimensional geometric analogy the nature of number itself so restricts the necessary coherence of dimensions of complication far from the foundations where we presume ends and origins possible as with the statistics in general of interited or restricted choices by which we begin to expand our ideas of thermodynamics and string like equivilances of deep conceptual mathetical connections- emotional systems relate much more than the identification (Weyl) of say picket fences and our vertebrae, but of the quasic pathways of rhyme and parallel events and explanations to which we theoretically feel a connection to such symmetry and the logic of inferences of loops of self and to others at least from a distance.

* * * *

Virtual or concrete our vision of adjusting the content of a unified system of meaning and information reflects of course the idea of logical semantic elements that seem grounded in the typological formating every which way in the twists and turns of symmetry, but at the foundational level each element is important in the mirroring of form and process in the reality of how physical and metaphysical systems are to be expressed in the phenomena of being and instruction together for a general purpose of life and living.

These empty or complicated abstractions is the core of the problem of theory and implication of organizing scientific experiments for growth, learning and possible transcendence of collective and individual perpectives and application for the evolving persons as system and as spirit heeding the laws of nature yet aware of creativity as cement in a concrete grounding to which in the mindless struggle of those with agendas, lies, and justification within and advasary resolution of the singularities of enquiring we find at least the certainty as an ideal of scientific honesty that we are closest to a general and well grounded total theory some of us still hold to as the goal of our era in all its checks and balances and mirrors of its informational and meaningful content. The reality of the soul is the reality of the world in the replete fullness of a system that beyond the abstract description is as much the grounding by emptiness.

In scientific research or in political theory there are no guarentees to evaluate our depths of understanding for as the reality persists by or despite our sentience as grounding the first asumption in our logic or physicality of parts and working together universally or existentially in the printing, there has to be a quasi-uncertainty along the lines of "there are no necessary realities" as Abbagano suggested but with all the paradoxes on the foundational level we observe when our efforts at spanning our sciences so applies.

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