Monday, August 13, 2012

Fibonacci Home Forward Transymmetry (-xym)

Fibonacci Home Forward Transymmetry (-xym)

(Sheppeard, Otto, Pitkanen alternative subatomic symmetry breaking physics, SOP)

L. Edgar Otto    Monday, 13 August, 2012

Again, the idea of development of supercomputers was to simulate particle physics, alternatively what we know in the application of that knowledge may show us how to better program our supercomputers.

I offer a diagram of web pages (for example) organized with this generational principle of symmetry breaking or building related to the arithmetic of numbers and the generalities we encounter beginning with the irrational of the golden section.  The inner linking of these pages, the macro pages and the typographic code (here can be self generating as the subatomic particles break into integral generations according to the unity of the logic involved for this compass of efficient energy transfer by branching systems).  The design, where a choice of beginning a F sequence that may go on for 11 generations in the planar count as well the linear count as in the Fano Plane and other Venn-like logical projections beyond that in the -xym trans-symmetric continua can organized a limitless virtual field of an empire of individual structures that moreover will build efficiently.

Note that this is the two dimensional case of which it in deeper structural theory may be extended with further ranges of links (here red blue and green of the tetrakis of Plato) of which the uniqueness of choices in designated connects focused in the general stereonometry design of the moment may allow for unique variations and links within a compass of a general website.  Furthermore, this generational difference in the F numbers can be used to implement the macros such as css and java to the typology that cascades as if a physical and skin effect of amplification.  To this end the typological structure, that difference in the presentational and representational dimensional planes can utilize the standards set of html5 and other conventions that may be bypassed where needed in creative ways and yet is invulnerable to the attack in general of hacking methods save perhaps in the totality of such web systems as formally legal as virus.

Socially, this may help define better in real life the role of a person and society where each has its influence of sovereignty.  We no longer think only in the mouthing of words before we fix them somewhat to a symbol and so internalize that design awareness system for we have transcended the linearity and the perambulations to which we catagorize and interpret the reality of our world.

Ours is a stream of consciousness as well as the flowering to a delta of consciousness but both are part of the healthy bigger picture of our sentience and species  beyond the general or inherited heirloom definitions.

The order SOP of the alternative theoreticians I have chosen in the dialog or conversation is there because of the what I called the Irccontinuum, the IRC of my early experiences with the dalnet philosophy chat channel for 'super operator'.

The process of adding one to an intelligible count of a mathematical system is at the heart of description and computation in matters of ideas of abstract motions and field unity of physics concepts as this involves the breaking and resolving of complicated singularities in equations. It seems a given already that we have atoms that have smaller parts and these should be addressed by the wider arithmetic and topology... but enough of this as we leave our dreamers to their powerful contemplations and maybe the rest of humanity just to the dream, to the living their lives, for those who understand my presentation and even my limitations I cannot see- welcome to the whole new world and the wide horizon of new enquirey.

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