Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creative Love Inside Stardust Cycles


Creative Love Inside Stardust Cycles

L. Edgar Otto   21 August, 2012

"It is always morning somewhere in the world"
  in bronze on the base of the sun dial at the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill, university, Tarheel state

"Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow" half turns at night
   the rose garden around it lives again in its seasons
Also the one and only star taken down, offensive Christmas

The drama of Love in the totality always and everywhere
   in its justifications to God and a more perfect state
Rides on flavors its certainty, hidden transfers in the rape

We live and decide the loops, ascending roller coaster ride
   can fall off in descent as much by faith as reason cannot Pay the toll, reach mature heights, make the relentless rent

All things seek to live, our touch, childlike growth of nerves
Freckle juice Milky Way reaction, cost rebirth satisfaction

* * *


L. Edgar Otto   22 August, 2012

I ride the highways of the skies that fade
yet I grow more wise and if all crumbles
Shards and broken mirrors, spectrum glass
ask of Why's great effort returns to rumbles

In the rise and fall forgets in All its creativity
design as leader of this drama with regrets
Endless perfection as the stars align and swirl
comfort perhaps the limitations, way of the world

Or am I on the roundabout materialized mortal man
who vanishes the more clinging to the spin shorn gods
Heart full of halos and exploding comprehension
half sensed side of a mirror sunlight, touch, lightning rods

An endless highway does not begin or end only in magenta Rainbow auras of love reflect and intersect in magic mania

* * * * *

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