Friday, May 28, 2010

International Science Funding Future

International Science Funding Future

China, India, and the United States are the worlds superpowers of coal. The dominance in physics which will benefit the world internationally will go to those powers who in the name of peace and cooperation (unapelike) fund basic research.

Last night I saw the current episode of Flashforward that mentioned the term tachyon constant, it being a wave rather than a number. On the chance there were some physicist writers behind the script I googled the term and found a lot on this subject right away. Now the idea is not one of my favorite concepts but it keeps coming up in some speculations even if it seems for most theories an assumption that contributes little as necessary for a unified theory.

But just as there are not forbidden but mystical theories that perhaps humorously say the Higgs particle is not discovered because the universe conspires against it I encounter a young physics student this morning and we have an esoteric but intelligible conversation on almost all these fields and the implications. I wrote this about him on facebook this morning:

L. Edgar Otto
I think I met one of the world's great future physicists today- surprisingly at UWEC, a second year student who not only knew all the issues but seemed to be going in a direction with promise (I feel information wise hinted at by my thoughts) and who is trying to design an experiment for verification. The fates seem to converge at times.

In the great muddle of physics in our exciting time it is such rare encounters with students that make me optimistic about our future science and those who dedicate their life's work toward it- and for our nation states if we care for them.

Interestingly I only realized today that the bra and ket were the columns of a matrix (probability one) of which Dirac was concerned with his algebra and formalism and of which we have to expand in our ideas of what is flat (as in the Boomerang experiment the student explained) and if it is in a sense Euclidean or not from my view- if not all seemed to point to the absurd conclusions of what are something like tachyons being more a relativistic concern. His problem being the approach by information theory is the why of the change of sign in the remote conditions between particles. (but he was not yet aware of this form of Riemann space and entanglement and so on nor the wave idea as that of complex mechanics of such a plane.)

I imaged last night, although there is only scraping the bottom of the well of my ideas until there is new input perhaps or something from deep down in the infinite and flux- in three flat space especially- that we can have parallel layers in a plane which essentially states as in some distinction este ese aquel in spanish for example that near, a little further, and that remote- of which as a scalar like thing it does not necessarily refer to the micro meso macro cosmic view.

The natural dimensions as parallels then do not fit very well with a pure balloon analogy, non-Euclidean or not. Imagine then the configuration of what we see of our local stars as if a celestial sphere. We would see similar centered configurations if we move from star to star as the centers. But this can be expressed as the distance between parallel spaces as if superimposed or layers of such planes and that can be linear. In fact from this view this linear limitation of quantum physics as if the bras are linear after all is a blessing of physical possibilities of degrees of freedom in dealing with the non-linear in ways the observables by such matrices go deeper a simple view of one of them in the local and possible causalities as the chief problem of information transfer and limits or invariants of so called light speed. But this does not assume a multiverse nor a totality of some idea of string organization in natural space dimensions- nor of symmetry, nor of broken symmetry as conservation laws, nor of a smooth transition between null spaces and unitary ones (that is the nilpotent and idempotent differences observable or not)- the multiverse and string theories as formalism can also be unified.

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