Saturday, May 1, 2010

At the Cusp of Light and Cones

At the Cusp of Light and Cones

Here I thought I would post some of the raw manuscripts that led to a little more formal ideas from the last few days.

* * * Doris in Space from
visit her cartoon artwork, this panel seemed to resonate with the mood of this blog lately- perhaps the little Norse Abelian inside me...

I did not post thoughts from this last photo but it contains some interesting ideas relating to the two types of cyclic space- the normal cyclic group and the quasic cyclic group. Essentially there are tetracubes (unfolded tetrahedra) related to three and two space and abstractly how one or the other type relates to a central chirality of its six tetrahedra of 24 of the 27 cubes, the three having a sort of separate relation to what is considered neutral and what handedness. Perhaps with these two views of space working together the classification of soma cubes will be more to my tastes than a map with just the information from the surface. We note also the extension into four space. In general the division, discrete, of the elements or cells of a tetrahedron as topology use an interplay of both forms to which mathematicians on a higher language than the binary code patterns prefer some physical or mathematical relationship. In Rowlands the resolution of one pattern definitely sums up to a general relevance such that two hypercubes split into two cubes in the quasic pattern from combination's of the matrices of Dirac. In this abstract mathematics we can imagine other forms of symmetry breaking. It is as if things can have a center, be they spherical or planar but the center is abstract and at a distance.

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