Friday, May 21, 2010

Graceo and Judaeo-Christian Paradigms

There is an interesting article on New Scientist suggesting Einstein was wrong! But this concerns the Brownian motion.

To me it is a linguistic question and the cultural nature of some human minds- in particular the Western science (West wind) meeting the East of the time. I mean as far as language is concerned the Greeks due to their language structure like clusters of consonants had to invent vowels- perhaps due to their brain structure in which case it reflects the differentiation or access to it or even the cause of it as a perception and pursuit of a world view. In any case the current interest is in where symmetry is broken or its conservation laws appear or are violated- rather like the symmetry of the Judaeo-Christian right = left view rather than conceptually at least of say right and non-right brains or asymmetry of the Semitic trinity of consonants and thus that centered world view of which only the explanation of things like consonant shifts suggest a more fundamental level than say the quark like phonemes and phonomes. The point here is that the paradigms which have the fact of certainty or feeling of it in a given mind or culture have worked as does a differentiated mind to influence a powerful science in the world.

I did not make clear the chiral issues, but speculative and scientific, in the last post with what I was suggesting in the crude raw formalism. Namely that we find in quasic structures with a moving ordering or labeling of its entities we find not only the emergence of a directed decoherence deep in the quantum level but also the new rather holistic sense of what is known of our ideas of what matter is such that coherence is explained and possibly no deeper so. I suggest that against the fixity of certain values, indeed against the statistics and uncertainty interwoven with such an assertion, that the dimensionless constants are at least conceptually what things push against in the holographic and fractal differences of space structure to explain dynamic space expansion if not the idea of mass (inertia?) itself. Which brings us to Brownian motion.

In a sense, considering the square root of the proper time, there are subelements of the symmetry in this sort of contiguous dynamics somewhere between the consecutive and continuous to define continuity as Newton did. What the article amounts to is to say there is a certain level that makes some things including analogs to thermodynamics on all scales of particles intelligibly coherent in part and such looping is across all scales and levels and generations of particles.

The Semitic mind may perceive that at this quantum level any such holistic coherence is a matter of statistics when it is legitimately a matter of space structures where traditionally the Christian trinity originates from the idea of three spatial dimensions. It ironically will also develop quark theory that changes with the falsification to shore up such theories decidedly trinitarian or the equivalent the ten dimensions or so of the Cabalistic tree of life of what can be seen as the emanations from the one God.

Specifically, I would expect someone in the Semitic paradigm to emphasize that a chain of molecules and what it encodes is a matter of statistics and not a matter of the pronounceable name of an intelligible coherent idea of God. Of course all three Western faiths go thru the same human paradigms and shifts of core philosophies- We may have to include the Islamic encounter with the Greek science especially as they deal with tessellations and planes and generally not bells or images in the art. Beyond that I have not but touched on influences further East.

The Brownian force is on that flat mirror between the generally deterministic and the classical world and the generally indeterminacy of the quantum one. But is that not a suggestion of unification to be understood perhaps from one or the other fact of a positive dominance of the brain side- or of the top to bottom results of the organization of self and soul and body as mental images?

Another article talks about magnetic fields near lightning induced in a brain such that some if not all of the ball lightning is a mental illusion. Interestingly there are reports of human forms seen by some in such ball lightning. Lightning for me is the meat of the beginning of the strobe like effects of quasic ideas- and in a deep sense as if a projected flash in and of our own minds the n-dimensional projected bilateral symmetry between the reed and the Lilly pad of our smashed down cell integration structure is in a more unified physics a more universal form.

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