Monday, May 31, 2010

Everlasting War- Right and Left Annihilation

Everlasting War- Right and Left Annihilation

Lubos had a promising and clear article today on the types of oscillating neutrinos but I find his political reasoning rather politically biases- the again it may be we need an answer to what happens in the world of politics if our minds are fixed in some sort of chiral prejudices.

Anyway the term evelasting and eternal comes to mind (actually in a minor dream of last night) as philosophical terms that may have physical distinction. Surely we cannot imagine history as a dynamic yet mystical thing being a foundation when causality itself may not be so as far as sources and information are concerned. Not should we view such determinism as forbidden- for there is a default of sorts to which nature herself may express her unfolding of time and history that is not a necessary reality.

Yet, just as the physicality and reality of observables is interpreted by Zeno that once an object (which thereby exists along the lines of the limit theories) that something once a certain (linear?) distance apart they remain so- we see that this is true in space in general (non-linear) also but it takes the form of chirality as a spacious chirality- once it is there along some twists and paths it persists and in a sense is everlasting if not eternal- ultimately protons are everlasting in this sense but not necessarily eternally material and immortal. But there are two and four momenta in the formalism, yet something that everlasting is that which by default can be seen as causality. The distance that is constant like, as if a general as multidimensional theory of the multifactorials it is a reality, a non-virtual but everlasting or quasi-eternal particle. We need to make the connection to these fundamental mathematics and the notions of foundational physics.

Like Einstein in his grumpy old age I am much more the pacifist myself- but why to the young among us persist in the same old errors of their fathers? Happy memorial day- I avoided all parades and such and all the political propaganda. As far as the physics is concerned we are to imagine what it was like to be so and so and know they are just as human and full of frailties- and we in a sense are only beginning. Let the young men go to war and let the old men do science.

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