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Recovering Natural Dimensions

Recovering Natural Dimensions (Irempirical Phaneron Pythagorean Space)

Here is a table where I combine the 2 or 4 formulations here both clockwise in the directions of the shifting (torus) viral compasses to have a blend or decoding of sequences that meet at any given codon to combine information. The product of two units of the same color we can distinguish (by color coding here light orange and purple) sixteen forms of the Diracian like matrices of space beyond the phaneron plane of what we perceive- that us we recapitulate philosophy just past the natural philosophy of Galileo, Newton, Descartes, Bacon... the same old arguments from the 1600s new physics students on line show off their grasp of the methods and subjects.

This is the usual and familiar way we make graphs and charts in our natural scale Pythagorean space (not just that reduced to the microcosm) But it can be used for logic and decoding of positional alphabets and can be treated as a quasic or a complex plane or other styles of underlying geometric logic. In the left side I have reversed the usual reading of generation levels horizontal to vertical but this chart was arbitrary and meant to take a look at ideas as if we had the same natural dimensions of things defining dimensions. Indeed we can continue this chart to three and greater spaces.

I agree with Rowlands philosophy of nilpotence and the comparison with idempotent but want to stretch this to the double zero or nullpotent (perhaps binilpotent would be a better term or maybe biopotent) The symbol is the * and in a real sense it can be an ambiguity as a zero or one, in which case we should keep strait these fundamental idea of foundational physics and methods. We can of course combine the various 2 and 4 formalisms and we can say define the gauge in terms of symmetry and conservation, and we can go beyond local symmetry and nonlocal symmetry of compact spaces and so on... We do need to show where in natural space a fixed but idempotent number in that space is such a unified and comprehensive thing (I called a Natti Point in the Newell inertial lines) as a parallel identity in the opaque spaces where the finite, ambiguously defined so where the material like points as finite intrinsically match the group idea matching infinity. Continuity is a good description but as Newton points out contiguity is an important real issue too. Let us find again the common grounding of our world now that we have gone so far, and maybe overshot a little, analyzing it in exquisite detail. And let us move on to the next century of physics and biochemistry.

BTW one cannot simply duplicate coordinates of information by virtue of the fact that it presumably does so when the complex space is considered- we need more than that idea and we need a dynamic evolving concept of space within parameters where the doubling in a sense is akin to the integration and differentiation of organic cell doubling.

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Later this day:

While watching my son and Scott play chess in the coffee shop and paying keep attention to where the game goes haywire and the ability of Scott to see some forced mates ahead, It occurs to me that as a two player game there may be a small range of best responses. That this natural dimension shifting code multiplication in the natural dimensions may have such an application to programming or playing winning chess- other than that I see only philosophic implications as stated if or not it applies to abstract or concrete physics. But the use of space and coordinate information this way is after all a little different than previous attempts to study the game information wise by the quasic structural multi-dimensions. There is in effect a diagonal a little fuzzy- so are there 46 best responses? Would these in a sense not be some sort of cosmic string physics idea of background nilpotency in the topology that helps to structure the sub squares of normal and moving rather relaxed directions? Scott can see so well into the past moves of a game but focuses the few into the future as if his mind, if free from aggressive play or blunders, does tend around a diagonal of sorts toward the most elegant and shortest forced checkmate. Of course we have a wider play given clockwise x counterclockwise viral direction sequences of 4096 monomark or monopolar real point (not zero point in the active direction of the arrow of time and thought). And we may compute the virtual coordinate moves to complicate the game, Also these can be involved in the exchange of pieces in the formalism to make further complexity. Yet it is a step closer to a quasi deterministic game I imagine (although I find this idea and post a little more speculative and almost done subconsciously intuitively than most.)

One thing I feel in the 2 and 4 varieties of the formalism is that the alpha and beta linear codes may not have teleoscoping encoding properties linearly when viewed this natural dimensional way- would it not then be like a topological cosmic string or interface- but I am not that advanced in the differentials.

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