Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love and Cosmos at a Distance

Love and Cosmos at a Distance

Our schedules do not match
like they used to
our walls and windows

Are not blessed by the sunlight
not your candle in winter
Your dining with me through falling snow

The magic of my awakening
our apartments touch in time
depends on your shift of blinds

Irregular hours growing distant
some slats out of line I see but parts of you
our fixed breadth of love does not cohere

The full moon through the trees
in the dark between our buildings
peeks at me reflected in rain water

Chicken wire, afraid and square our hearts
the grid of the screen out of focus
raindrops flicked off by my fingers

Compound my eyes not enough to drink
of your light nor see clearly the
bats like shadows that cross our paths

Remarkable, we loosing contact with ourselves
yet something remains between each other
our love out paces its growing infinity

I drank of your wave and you my water
we turned toward each other turning away
I still feel your regrets we missed good night

Even though we both know you sleep alone
your heart naked only while my viewing
in privacy I survey my decaying body

This metamorphosis of imagination
that holds us back in self images
we false sculptors of getting our lives together

We creative poets, readers number tongue tied
share only the universe of our originality
only then can we know, we cannot do it alone

* * *

I was obviously inspired by the Rio de Janero Poetess in my last post and perhaps the simplicity of our feelings, and their nearness, and of the fundamental physics of life and space and time- yes, the tragic loss of love or the cosmos as that said by Feringetti or Bly as the source and stuff of poetry. Perhaps the universe like love is a compromise.

The illustration above is more artistic today, save the Fibonacci ratios and the four color I Ching.

But I had a couple of physis thoughts too- thought I would make the presentation more entertaining than droll statements of speculation and fact.

MMXa - The idea of parallel universes at the planck level as if a path of twists and turns in a timeless over space of deeper dimensions and that they existentially focus deep into high energy and wild wavelengths and compactified contortions of holes and geometry strikes me as a model over emphasized and mostly wrong as to what is space and time and matter and so on. It amounts to but a complication of the simple metaphors we imagine at the foundations.

MMXb - But mystical aside may we not ask if there is anything physical about the idea of the bewitching higher dimensions? This is a deep question which considers what is the grid and what is that contained in the grid. The screen over the window and the light that passes through it. It is a measure of diverse freedom for the possibility of a change of such "spine" paths of possible worlds and yet we in our creativity make one path close in probability the unique one of our own thru time's paradox as solved by initial originality. The source of such freedom is not the quantum flux of chaos nor the absolute of wholes of time, but this incomplete theory quantum like reaching for the pair and greater production of a more organized and classically scientific space intelligible on some scale to the chaos and complexity.

MMXc - Thus, such things abstractly (again is the grid or terrain the physicality or that contained in it on some level of perception and logic of light? Is this not the same question of massless photons or matter and its contact with gravity or some idea of an unstable field of electricity without electrons, and so on?) is an intelligible design in the sense the structures add up- and by add up we mean also the notions of things like organizing space as if it had dimensions but some of them are timelike and natural as continuity (surely we can see that in a world of decoherence the infinite groups can find a space wherein they, not simply connected nor even multiply so, never match the assumed grounding for the finite groups- this needs a more general proof or assumption in the multipath linear degrees of freedom) So we may say as things as if a shell structure make conglomerations, four times the sixteen points of a hypercube = 64 and + sixteen "timelike" = 80. But 80 + 1 = 81
so is there a structure, a sphere of sorts of the 80 things and not a center for surely we have structures of 26 without a center in three space? Perhaps you do not understand my question, concerns or statements here- the point is that the grid that contains the quasic space is itself a higher quasic space as if viewing thru a screen the light- a generalization perhaps of any of these ideas of interference.

MMXd - Another thought is that in a sense, in effect, there can be longitudinal polarization in physics even if indirectly observable and this be described by the Heisenberg matrices as quasic matrices. Thus beginning with two the primes will direct themselves as rungs on a ladder of physicality while being the diagonal or ladder itself as the question is indefinite as to what of the edges of the quasic field pixel (one fourth pi) form the grounding tetrahedron (abstract timelike natural group dimensions). Should we expect a last prime in some ideal of infinitely expanded quasic space along some diagonal? Is all this random or describable by randomness as a measure of our ignorance which in principle may become another step in our gain of scientific wisdom? Does the universe have a sea of fixed primes as numbers by default of all possible seas for grounding as if the intelligibility of mathematics has the feeling or suggestion or illusion of an intelligent design?

* * *

Later today: an interesting article or two on One concerns the possible non-conservation of flavor (and in general relation to virtual particles) also a book about the author of the multiverse theory. But as a metaphor for this idea of seeing the universe within the multiverse as the geometry of shadows, the shadow polytopes and twists of projections of multidimensional (usually ten or so as in the string theories) and a link with some ideas of autism: I quote:

"They found that the children with autism named objects without shadows slightly faster than neurotypical children, but were more than 10 per cent slower at naming objects with shadows. "The presence of shadows dramatically affects the ability of autistic individuals to recognise visual objects," says Castiello.

More broadly, it's been found that people with autism tend to pay more attention to the component parts of a task than its overall purpose. For example, Frith has observed that children with autism enjoy fitting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but, unlike neurotypical children, are uninterested in the picture being built up."

Perhaps I should take some of my speculations more literally, in any case it is an open question as to how we should feel about the totality of things as we work the jigsaw puzzle of the standard model and its particles- distracted or not by shadows.

* * *

Interestingly enough (this afternoon) how do we square an international view of big science if there may be some sort of analog to the muon catalyst for fusion on a higher level of say the tau or bottom quarks? But I am not sure I read these shadows right, nor if after all we cannot tell if there is a multiverse from the more refined observation of an electron or muon wobble. Of course I argue more for a limited or a little fuzzy quasiverse where to some extent what is virtual between our parallel worlds may at some principle of distance influence each other in perhaps a concrete manner at a distance. What sort of explosive source will we find then short of the unraveling of our local fabric of space and time and for what is its purpose that weighs against the peace? It is not enough to make our architecture but the walling up of borders and the Casmir like no man's land demilitarized zone- not the flow of some mental sensitive fung-swei and yet there is more to being in space than our grid of walls and shadows. There is freedom to be felt here in the planes and spheres not lost or limited to the microcosm of the mirror ball of squares that projected on the cave walls come out perfect like the sun, its silence and song and disc and gift of photon spheres. Yet if we stumble too close to the strangers in near worlds of what almost is or might have been then clearly our probing and bursting the balloons of levels of nilpotent existence may disturb the fateful paths of our neighbor's continuum- until we can discern the weather with our atom smashers of weather balloons and choose a better future.

* * *

And a stray bit of verse perhaps that I would add to the lyrics of Conni Who Passed by...

He did not take love as serious as you, paper boy all summer every day
yours love a part of your life's script for him another Sunday supplement and trip

You did not have much to trade, your stand for selling lemonade
for him just a penny arcade you sailing as first lady his ship of twenty one gun salutes

* * *

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