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On the Topological Origin of Virtual Particles

On the Topological Origin of Virtual Particles

Quantum theory as well as holographic theory is a stepping stone to quasic theory. If some shadow polytopes in a casual chain or isolated center rotate or spin or not it is clear that variations of these things interpreted as real or virtual particles have intrinsic differences of chirality, one form being dominant (perhaps this is balanced in a higher sense by the virtual influence of so called dark matter-energy) But there is a world of math, possibly double factorial !! where the nilpotent meets the more metaphysical null-potency of absolute and flux vacua.

This general structure is also hauntingly similar to our use of multiple integration and partial integration to describe certain processes and structures of space and time.

* * *

In general I shall use Kierkegaard's term (and the title of my son's column in a student publication) Shadowgraphs, when this is about a more psychological and social interpretation of these shadow polytope paths and human consciousness and its consequences for ourselves and science.

Paul Anthony yesterday on philosophychatforum in my opinion had a very decisive and hardly refutable argument to the physicists (indeed, Marshall has the ability to look outside the box of which the physicists seem hemmed in and this is not a defect of reasoning if it is done with awareness. Given, btw, a sense of logic as it is taught Marshall will make a great case but only to the extent those who seem to have contradictions about space and so on work in the current standard logic frames- but Marshall's approach is more scientific and optimistically philosophic than closed minded scientist and is thus capable of arguing and evaluating with the information on hand and dispassionately and not blindly new alternative propositions of which in our day form the careers of many) But Paul, the situation is worse than you imagine in asking that you would have to get a PhD to understand this stuff when in fact if you did you would find the same conflicts and boxes of thinking only the mystery of their ignorance would not be covered up in some sort of protect the expertise wild faith for its healing powers for the masses (and their wallets and power). But as the newscientist article hinted to be an expert is to be autistic somewhere in the spectrum- that is if they mastered a subject such as the quantum mechanics they would be more autistic and isolated in the sense that perhaps we humans cannot tolerate nor understand arrogance and immodesty in genius. If we cannot see the shadows and master them they can master us. If we cannot visualize the possibilities of paths of turns we do not control any aspect of our destiny beyond isolated sleep of local understanding.\

* * *

*1 The human mind is capable of thinking about n-dimensional space, traditionally by algebra or by geometric visualization.

*2 Nature sees space as the human mind does in its structures and processes.

*3 The generalization of views of space evolve in steps and key principles of organization and perhaps physical encoding over time.

*4 The lazy mind overwhelmed by possibilities reduces things to vague but comprehensive probabilities which can be a bottlene3ck measure of our ignorance.

*5 Question to think about on a more foundational level: Why is there a quantum threshold of energy for some integral number of particles to duplicate or occur?

*6 The Euclidean world as virtual has quasic pertubation paths integral and intelligible thus quantized in a linear and global process like cell differentiation. Many in their paths of training confuse the higher Euclidean like spaces with that of what they imagine or have learned to understand and non-Euclidean.

*7 Just how many natural dimensions of the 384 fourspace rotations of the hypercube are needed informationally and what physical dimensions of observable matter is that? Another Question.

*8 Flangelation is my general term for the influence and focusing of higher dimensions into real and observable space- while the human mind may paint space by its own design parameters it is also possible that in the shadow possibilities (such as matters of belief and faith or even a possible higher sensory perception) structures like the microglia may be part of the overall possible physical design and the intelligibility or mathematics of awakening.

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