Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Memorial Day Rant

A few days before Memorial Day-

Analogies have been said to be only as good as the underlying truth of a theory- thus geometry is said to be the only true and certain among analogies. I may question this or at least how we are doing cosmology in theory and practice in my era.

But I have to stop this blog awhile for the simple fact that my encounters with the government, especially as a veteran, interfere with my ability to think and do such work and give me unproductive and bad dreams I have to fend off. This has been true since the first few times I tried to go to school under the Vietnam era GI bill and the state and federal agencies over and over again mess things up.

What is the point now? After trying to cash my first meager SS check- hey let the nation be inherited by the retards and malingerers I just cannot compete any more- and let them take away our good friends and deport them while some of the native born are the enemy of our people. Hey, there goes what small job I could get lately. Is this the way to treat the authentically tolerant and religious? Sure I was told more than once there is no space while the universities let Columbian drug dealers, and Iraqis and Persians (a few my welcome friends) but what of our own citizens? What of the black man? What about those in the military from the UAE and other states sponsoring terrorism taking pilot training here in UWEC- no room? Guess its OK now after all the UAE gave to the pentagon memorial.

The service officer said last time I saw him another lie- that I refused to tell them my finances. Well, last Memorial day I marched before the parade with a sign and hundreds of people saw it, some took pictures. Then, by accident I confronted Ron Kind whose office actually called the police to search me- when he said there was a new program for homeless veterans. Sure.

Well, neither here no in the next county yesterday were the officers in and the secretaries there were a impolite and dismissive and knew little. After all this week and dealing with banks and rules that changed since 911 I simply cannot cash the govt check (I have four broken teeth and my shoes fell apart yesterday). So, rather than being at the parade again- what is the point? And what is the point of school now save maybe for the next generation of veterans?

Here is my finances! I said as I tore the $300 ss check up and threw it at the counter...even the sex offenders can have an ID. Why not a citizen? Since when does a govt check not carry weight with banks? I will not trade with any bank whose bankers do not know what the discharge paper is.

I am giving up and going back into the get by third world economy. I do not want any more government checks- they can find me to take my property but the cannot find me when that is in danger of being lost (as was my primary papers and when I was defrauded by Ralph Madden from my storage (and bulk of my business that the va would not help with when I was hiring veterans.)

I notice Rowlands book was on the Scientific American book club list and it must have been where my friend got the book- this is a very good sign for the state of science and research.

Hey, I could have stayed in- and maybe took the rank- go to Vietnam of which I did volunteer for but something about my experience in intelligence seemed to preclude the combat zone, at first anyway. Oh, did I want an Airman's metal for say being the forward air controller and shooting everyone in sight, men women and children in the village- no way I thought, for what? I thought I would do better if I went to school for the physics. It is a little late to go to Yale or Purdue for Russian like where Oswald went- hey they said I did not need the schooling.

* * *

I hope the congressmen and senators I have spoken with over the decades enjoy their retirement.

Pro Republica\

* * *

Quote the next day on facebook, a conclusion: L. Edgar Otto The business of government is the division by inducing chaos and violence to control behavior in the larger picture, and its monopoly of the process of fraud.

I really agree with the blog I follow about the Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs that such jobs should belong to those who served and not those who are there for political or religious beliefs. Certainly, a clone of such helpers to our service officers in three counties and who are rude and lie did not help my mood of yesterday and others have said they had similar experience. Despite my disagreements with the service officers of the years I still hold them in the highest respect because they served, or in one case a lady who had sons die in the war. But we should really take a look at how veterans are helped in our state and not just an attempt to treat them as drug or mental cases and then control their drugs and so on... Some who need help medically do not get it although promised. It also should not be about the distinction of being drafted or one is a volunteer- it is not about money or citizen soldiers for hire.

While I did get a pragmatic apology from the federal VA (sorry for any inconvenience they may have caused, etc) I am still waiting for one from the state although for a matter of principle for I do not see how it would help me say go to school even though I was enrolled before the deadline- to show even a second time around it was not my fault. We really should understand the constitution we swore to protect.

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