Thursday, May 6, 2010

North by South West

That night into the next day: I am not sure I am getting anywhere deep in exploring implications of the viral compass. Conway was right- no one does this sort of thing by hand anymore since the advent of computers. Nevertheless, the blue and yellow corners by this chain code are in consecutive viral order. I note we can divide the sixty four by 3 + 1 to get sixteen, that is reduce them to 16 but there does not seem to be discernible patterns when broken into 4 hypercubes of sixteen bases. Now one assumption from Rowlands et al seems in the compass logic- that we give a special emphasis for the center base of a codon (after all it can be read in both directions, indeed clockwise counterclockwise and those either positive or negative in some assumed spinning direction) So the gene code only in one direction may be said to be two and a half in reading. (the wobble hypothesis) or we see also from a central dimension (not Pinkers two and a half for orientations). So the North of this compass is the center of red red red or Gly.

I had a recurring dream but even then could not recall the terms that seemed somehow relevant and clear while the dream. Two types of view or people (possibly one sort of space compared with another, say of dimensions or organizing information) It also showed two classes of people each viable, more like a learned and an existential average dramatic thinker.

Now as a finite thing we can regard 4 cells as a circle in a more continuous space but it is important to note to the degree of detail the steps of such cycles would be normalized in the sense of the so called grounding of the calculus by limit theory- but as in the string spin dimensions (the center North by the way like strings may not be clear as to which of three are in the center) we can go beyond the complete spin (as if multiples of pi) before the scale of things reaches uncertainty because the wave is the same as the area bounded by a circle. Let us then call this a sort of quasi-uncertainty principle.

* * *

At midday trying to make sense of the ordering of the codon bases of the viral compass and as an abstract physics code relating to particles, the arithmetic working out (after all in the compass there are 2 to the 128th possibilities)the labeling here not starting with gly = 1 but rather 41 (I keep because of that was the first of my labeling 1 to 64 of the sequence) That we can exclude every fouth one as we so exclude four from the sixty for leaving forty eight which reduces to four hypercubes or (including mirror) the 24 cell polytope of three of them (which I hope makes some pattern as does the excluded 16 cell hypercube.) The group of this 24-cell is 1152 which of course is three times 384 of the hypercuble.

Part of the information inspiration of this came from what my friend Marcus talked about with me, he a fan of the I Ching and gigong sword or vector tai chi. The he imagines a disc of chi in his gut which spins and thus this "force" can push outward with a mere touch to push away an opponent. Otherwise we imagine a sphere to balance ones chi in exercising.

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