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Stereotopes , Polystropes and the Impressionistic Universe

Stereotopes, Polystropes and the Impressionistic Universe

Last night I made a page of purely geometric pictures but am not clear the subject does not already exist somewhere nor that they can be read more than squiggles. It is a sort of subatomic concept to the atomic one of constructing a universe based on the lattices of simplexes (triangles,tetrahedra...) Also this I posted on facebook yesterday because of taking some photos of old houses in my town:

L. Edgar Otto
I am amazed at how clear everything looks today- I mean I can notice the fine details of things around me including that sort of spirit or electricity in people that separates them from the rest of the universe- sensitive to it all because of taking pictures so as to remember to look, and my new understanding of the complexity of physical things.

and reading Rowlands... all of this vaguely together to give me a sense also of the spirit or fire in matter (as R. mentions of Newton). There is no reason not to have the middle world immanent in its ideal distant "center". As if God also is such an ideal center even in a Triune universe- but this has consequences as to how and why we have the societies we do and make the mistakes we do in our "impressionistic bonding and associations". Also I feel a little less confined in how we see what is ourselves inside or outside of some three dimensional Location Location Location- a thing that explains part of our historical encounters socially and culturally. I also sense more clearly, as if in love to such sensitivity of things and people in the world, the beauty of an awakening mind of the young and their faith in the world and aspirations. Our minds eventually reach this level of comprehension to which such spirit or fire of our seeing, save in rare moments, integrates our understanding of reality and our place in it- a liberation from narrow paths and ideas and yet a sound grounding in the totality of the field of our perceptive impressionism.

The topology of chirality (as quasic and information and dimensionality and maybe "spirit at a distance" Rowlands could have a new parameter as "physis" which might include metaphysis. What do we do with the 4 timelike units of the 64? and why would we not need a more complex and general octonian theory if this can relate better to our understanding of physics and moreover our social bond systems design? Then again this goes beyond the scope of theoretical physics into creative philosophy. Nevertheless, it is amazing to me how the integer arithmetic of such iota points can add up so exactly. That and how much a part with the world and process things seem- I outside the universe that projected and xray light within or we in action defined as vacuum and fermion, that outside or the rest of the universe.

But in this relaxed and quasicontinuous discourse I clearly see the simplexes as quasic or cyclic, parity or chiral, even as the topology of flat tori- as to have a dialectic that should extend and revise our ideas of such structures and their relation to Riemann's insight of the next dimension and its holographic aspects and that which turns things around to the null ground yet not rigidly filling negative infinity. While my physics is still struggling my philosophy is a little sounder and so too our bonding as if a vibration between things but not string like as if a dispassionate science. Nor, from beyond and within the distar ideal centers must we see the world disembodied from the light and wind and touch and soul of others as this earth. Almost, I perceive the truth rather than the vast sea of deception of the nature of and for each our destiny.

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Footnote: Also on my mind is this idea of duality (especially from a nilpotent grounding issues) that is a new level of philosophical dualism which seems a necessary step in developing a more general science. Yet still grounded as a unified view of substance of this world. Also, perhaps in the usual terms I may just have a quasi view of the Poincare conjecture in relation to a more "polytropic" view of space and its connectivity and so forth. No doubt such thoughts when understood do at least as a real and intelligible picture do influence our perceptions of the world- and do so from a much more coherent level of which I feel it is more for the good. Maybe our species is entering an awareness of our potential of a sort of New Age after all- but one that does not bring anxiety and alienation.

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Later today: I perhaps need to make it clear what this post was all about- under the general measureless (in Rowlands sense) term polytrope and the similar so deceptively confusing terms like the old symbols for e and pi. On the geometric interpretation of the arithmetical basis (conventional idea of complex groups aside and the consequent doubling) that 3+1 = 2+2 and in a sense of ultimate proof of continuity 2 squared are three different foundations of the same animal. Of course Rowlands makes the caveat his study did not include ideas of tachyons in the finite space nilpotent basis sense and I presume ideas at least as a fifth state of our experience as illusion of that of our understanding of time travel outside perhaps some sort of steady state extended thermodynamics. The indefinite totality or the zero ground (not zero point energy which I feel as exists is not fundamental enough) involves on the lower dimensions these three arithmetical sums. Surely the quadrality (house of 4) shows up in the symmetry of the indefinite totality in the matrices of Dirac (or its defragmentation algebraically) as cube within cube magic square and its extension to higher binary dimensions symmetries. While symmetry is important and to some extent the foundations there is more. In this post I suggest it has experiential social aspects and why not a more complex algebra that can reach into the understanding of what we are even if it is psychology, sociology, or whatever beyond what we imagine unclearly even if not physics. This is not to say that our calculations do not work down one or the other paths to perhaps infinite accuracy even if these paths may conflict at places from an overview, in say the reality of relativistic ideas or the magnetism of electrons. Let me also point out that of the two forms of tetrahedral structure the 3 + 1 form as a two space hologram interpretation most certainly explains why the Feymann three quark formalism works and does so well in a flat space, as well the doubled and wider 2 + 2 reduced to 2 does so for the field ideas that we can represent things as centered and chiral shells or onions or ultimately a dimension added as color. Now all these things may be there already in some form and certainly where they are intelligible and match at least the current design of this universe they share some formalism. But we could make things more down to earth explicit rather than use abstruse and growing terms if the knowing is to be accessible to the humanistic masses of us and that perhaps help us globally and socially for a better world and civilization.

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Still later that night after checking with philosophychatforum for new activity found a link to this article:

Now perhaps this post is not too far from mainstream after all- in fact these foundational and creative studies and the issue of dualism as in this article contain better resolutions than even this article has a hint coming thru the cracks of a wider learning or mathematics.

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Next morning: from a blog I occasionally follow a great counter article which asks a fundamental question about the purpose and creative magic of the cortex:

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