Friday, May 7, 2010

How Hot is Venus and Do We Duplicate to Divide Labor?

The illustration imagines a French Royal Air Force ensign and the arms of two lady tattoos around the roundel and Otto symbol in laurels. After all, we should not be attention focused normal nerds all the time. Maybe alternative history helps in our daydreaming to find the more concrete world.

I see my photographer blog I follow has a pic asking if she looks illegal. We, from my viewpoint I would be afraid to cross state lines with her and have my papers checked for she looks eternally eighteen. Seriously though I would rather have all the Americas an open border and it would have a powerful place in the world. What ever happened to the alliance for progress of JFK anyway- and while we have to take better care of our borders where is the evidence there is an increase of crime along the Mexican border?

Last night in thinking about some of the physics ideas I had the feeling that just like in past ages, some of them not that long ago, we try the best we can to make a breakthrough- but maybe we cannot see beyond a certain point in our lifetimes. Would I have been a satisfied and happy Greek philosopher, or would I have felt I had almost found some unified and finally complete idea if I were Einstein on his death bed? Maybe it is all we can do for the good of the whole at the moment to reach as far as we can and consider the consequences- even if perhaps it is the technology and theory that we need to catch up to the ethics of it all. I feel strongly that at least on the quantum level consciousness is part of the picture.

Today new scientist has an article on aligned quasars and perhaps cosmic strings as the cause early on. I like that term, I am a new scientist. When will my generation mates not see the evidence in front of their faces of the need for a creative scientific and creative philosophy as my quasics? Then maybe they would have such a feeling of more to come even a fourth or greater physics that will take the paradoxes away and explain better the destiny and purpose of our freedom to think and live and be, what we are and may become in this world.

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