Saturday, May 22, 2010

Recapitulation and Transfiguration

Recapitulation and Transfiguration

Last night seems rather productive. Yet in a sense it is on the frontier of my thinking covering many aspects of the applications of the concept of quasicity. So it seems to me, as needs be, on the frontier of new science and supernatural physics with some intermediate general ideas of the sociology of such evolving systems. In that respect these ideas are more complex than I have posted here before. Part of it would be an introduction of a vast array of new terminology of which the model, as these are linguistic concerns also, are Further East in the general development of language as to how it is colored or projects a world view.

Perhaps the best thing is to go slow and list as general principles. The first of which is the last on the way here which in a sense came up because but seems to me independent from the list of principles.

MMX-1 The quasic grid as an ennumerable nature code generates its own ennumerable "holes" emerging and fixed or dynamic where the grid is evolving. These are not as many from the overview of the quasic plane. (Is there a ratio of them phi like?)

MMX-2 Cenocontinuum Ccm
Antherocontinuum Acm
Cheloneum Chm
Taxitoxy, taxitoxic, taxistoxeuom Ttom
Material depth
Existential Eschatology
Antheric metalanguage
Virtual absolutes
Real and Illusive thermo-symmetric metaphysics llamarium
Toric half-pi membrane edges (the sides of the Qs plane) Hymenios 'ai
Cenopixel (ennumberable or not)
Spatial Depth (eigenvector like) or simultaneous span

Some of this is the search for useful words among candidates and for he simplifying of the notions behind them. Clearly, in such a cluster flowering of them there seems to be some significance in the threshold of comprehension and the expertise of prolixy to be made more accessible as such foundations of language grow, evolve.

MMX-3 As things move, what is material that it is on the whole more why it is there rather than not exists becomes progressively less real while some of the why it is not there rather than it exists becomes progressively more real.
This thermodynamic symmetry holistically and spiritually asserted and imposed as a quasic physical but super physis dialectical process states the creative poetry of being as relevant to our search for meaning and reasons for the world. In a sense it has the questions of tachyonic models. For as in some science fiction drama we can imagine a time similar to this one where we only have hints of a global failed technological accident- or one that was not but from here we impose the history of our thinking to the past.

MMX- 4 Love, higher love, between two people that encounter and touch is like the encounter of two parallel or multiverses where like particles the lovers seek the meaning if possible of the depths and whole as this tachyonic evolves over an interval of such time. (to this end I wrote a poem called Conni Who Passed Through but not a more formal poem not lyrical which was to state some of these concepts of symmetric over something why or not exists as a sort of time travel. Sociology then is equal to if not physics a branch of that discipline.

MMX-5 In the sense of the illusion as a mental effect so seeing ball lightning, the projected image of the human form reflects the past quantum like change of history where species adsorb some of what they encounter of near species in the gene code- this going to such light is that which some project as not just say other primates but visions of the possibilities of structures of differentiated alien life forms.
* * *

Conni Who Passed Through L. Edgar Otto

Still they disagree what set you off
on your journey in innocence and frail mortality

You were old enough to make a choice but
young enough to have no voice

When you freaked out upon the morning light

Their twenty-one shot salute and your fake ID
seemed so sweet until he left you at my feet and

You cried on my shoulder, wondered why I did not drink of you
asked why I was not like the other guy's

When you gave it up to dreaming without a fight

Not that your lips weren't sweet and mine burned
But I called your daddy, you said not to but kissed my cheek

Later thanking me miss pass through my life, street actress
hippie, said keep my pet let won't let me have it

So I carried it to your daddy's car said
understand as he shook my hand, things will
go easier for you both if you let her take the puppy

When you woke up and found my morning's light
cried on my shoulder, forgot the myth of him and all your night

If we get lucky long enough and hurting learn not to hurt
yet all said and done it does not have to be that way

We each others cradle song made it through whistles in the dark to flirt
I hope it was enough one passed by your way awhile who loved you.

* * *

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