Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Climbing Out of Plato's Cave

Climbing Out of Plato's Cave

Not much on my mind today so I offer an artistic hint that there is more to viewing higher space than dreamed of in the string theories. It does not matter if time is said to be an illusion or not by chains among possible universes as potential paths of rotations in seven or so dimensions in that these are shadows into lower dimensions. Yes, these higher dimensional effects are made real in normal space and we can hardly image the holographic principle applying only on such a simple and crude level. Yet the three plus one or two plus two idea of things which is a cave of the formalism that assumes the ultimate ground of being is quantum indeterminacy amounts to but a surface of things and itself is a conceptual cave only of shadows of which we touch only the surface of higher dimensional geometries and that includes the generalization of p-branes. We are not just a rotation in say the seventh space that we experience as time among many spaces, nor are things only compactified as seven into three space. Both views are but a statement of the cave of Plato of which it is not clear higher energies result in uncertainty and time reversal or chirality reversal freely to move as we approach the Planck scale.

Yet, as we climb out of the quantum field formulations into that of the subatomic theories and particles the same methods are also the cave to what we may perceive and influence with a wider view of physis, of natural space and dimensions. But it is a steep climb, one can say in different terms the metaphysical statements I make seem to mirror just the cave of quantum theory because there is no explicit way to describe the nucleus beyond say the dimensionless constant and eight dimensional space- that is how do I know my quasics have gone in a different direction in that it describes the isotope world better than the standard theory of strong forces? Do I have anymore than a mirror duality of the polytope shadows which are apparently not enough to describe an atom even if viewed continuously as Rowlands et al suggests? But in any case the ten dimensional theories seem very crude to me. In the rotations of hypercubes for example there is no restraints of chirality where the global parity is a real barrier to an actual place things may reverse and it is not clear that we can base all on some vague compromise that no vacuum state remains the same for long in flux-nor that we can solve this without the study of such vacuum states (even beyond considerations of the infinite divergences) which seem to suggest an ultraviolet catastrophe at a distance. Knots are easier to classify compared to the almost invisible was we see fundamental space and time.
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The neat thing is with another view lectures on this seem cleaver but very obsolete and even trite for the enthusiasm and the hint that theirs is a total theory. I actually thought about this sort of thing today because a young lady at the computer had tattoos of twenty hypercube rotations on her back her father suggested which was rather unique so I talked about them and why just twenty (it fit her back) and I asked her if she had other geometric tattoos and she said a triangle which I said I already knew about that hehe!

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The particle and wave

Adriana Janaina Poeta

My thoughts have wings
albeit sometimes
do not use.

My heart has eyes
sharp and agile
long distance access.

My legs are human
My thought is profane,
my heart a king.

Time is an extended loop
harvesting fish,
the fabric of life.

My mind pointing spears
choose swords,
sharpen blades.

My body is the seat of the senses,
aloof warrior,
where asleep my mind.

I am a wave,
particle wandering
itinerant poet.

The world is small,
an island of dreams.
I thirst and sleep.

The universe in silence
is the herald who announced his life.

The child in me
made flower blossoms,
do not ask where it came from.

The seed in me,
just want to live,
not intend to be more.

The strange I am,
a cloud in the blue sky,
clothed with the sun kissing the moon.

The particle is profane,
the wave is sacred
and stand united at last.

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