Saturday, May 15, 2010

Light and Life : The Quasiverse as a Mental Model

Light and Life : The Quasiverse as a Mental Model

This morning I had a very deep dream of which I recalled the themes and content of it. (later post more here)

The dream involves the point or pixels in a quasic space and how we try to access them that the become the ground of our consciousness. Such a struggle to reach a higher integration and sentience seems from one view what God Himself in that we can understand the concept may have to do. But the good news is that purely psychodynamic intervention should help educate and open up minds caught on some level of the autistic spectrum. In a sense the mirror cells are not a primary cause of the autism as observed in newscientist in a recent article- and yet it is not a purely physical or subconscious phenomena either- more is going on here on a higher level than the models we have so far- then again life does struggle to secure and move toward and design its own mental models and levels of intelligibility given the genes and environments at hand. We teach people to reach for a model, organize and monitor that model, then perhaps reach new designs of it hands on. In a sense there is a quasi multiplicity of conscious and sub conscious influences involved in what level of awareness in the world an organism achieves- and at the surface of things we cannot say if a person is full or empty of some sense of self or if this self or selves are deeply hidden in the brain or body of the organism- or perhaps the history, but a history that quasizes a dynamic moving time.

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