Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hortons and the Standard Theory

Hortons and the Standard Theory

I have a few thoughts this morning, difficult ones of which I can only give a suggestion for now for its uses and purposes- now that I have stopped running into a brick wall of government- I breath again but feel the purpose of government is to control behavior or rumors of behavior by chaos and violence such that government can have a monopoly on Fraud. Why be content to control a disease and not try to cure it?

Anyway, as an example of analogy either as reductionism or empiricism I offer a peek into the world of more generalized lincoms if such exist- after all the prediction of the positron can be seen as a tentative myth of a level of language of which the particles are not the real ones that we experiment on and deal with but are illusions to the underlying science of the abstract yet fundamental mathematics.

If I stumble upon a pattern of division of three things taken at a time- I am prone to consider it in other natural dimensions. Thus can Conway's (John Horton) matrix be conceived by such methods (of which as a system I cannot now say what higher system or series of dimensions it is the core of and embedded in in a sort of lesser dimensionality) exist in a higher (yet abstractly three space)?

I imagine then that the unique "colors" or algebra of a 6 x 6 x 6 cube which = by the way 27 x 8 which are cubes describes lincoms of three color labels at a pixel. ...and so on to higher natural but abstract spaces.

In an odd sort of independent way we rise up from the chirality as principles of fundamental particle physics and begin to erect what seems remarkably like aspects of the standard theory considered fundamental- that is the same abstract reasoning and reality may have uses here by geometric or algebraic intelligibility or not as a description of at least the common sense of our reality as a state of being if not its great extent and ultimate. It seems now a question of scales of energy which becomes a poetic word again and if the neutrinos are one hand clapping after all?

* * *

It also occurs to me in this view of what space can be thought of as things happening in it- surely it is not ultimately satisfying to understand we are here because of the chirality on the level of b quarks and so on as we need a more fundamental theory- and well, the excess of positrons in the new class of novas merely suggest the dark matter origin is in a more general geometry- nor do the ideas of second inflation and so on of a boiling inflation era dismiss the need for this vague generalized idea of applied abstract quasics. Nor should we hold the intersection of branes in a cyclic universe on any level of energy key to dismiss some areas of enquiry and facts of levels of reductionism, empirical or otherwise.
And yes the ability to construct things such as the announced artifical bacterium and the need for an emergent and holistic theory to understand and engineer what one may consider things artificial or not a useful for life and disease- after all it is clear that the immediate age is the age of biology and use of the theorys and from my view as I have long maintained in a sense physics is a branch of biology- certainly the graphs above do apply to it as a central concern whatever and whenever the origin of life and chirality- as with Rowlands biology and physics at least meet and logically and intelligibly so in a unified theory. But these explorations into what amounts to an analog to a quasic space extension to logical natural dimensions for the gene or cosmic codes, of particles and so on, may be of vaster more dimensions and logical spaces than my first blush offerings here indicate.

I wonder if somehow this super class of the new particles are observable? After all we find replete the positrons- apparently predicted by first principles of at least the quantum world.

I should have made it clearer here that 36 codons in the conway matrix 6 x 6 are to be regarded in a sense as three dimensional and the rest of the 8 x 8 as extending into the neighboring realm of four space. I may continue this line of reasoning or I may move on the other branches of my contemplations. Still, I am optimistic about what we are and can do, and do safely, in our scientific enquiries.

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