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The Viral Compass

The Viral Compass

I wrote a reply to the comment on the last post which is a profound and classic nature nurture and identity issue. So I was inspired to post here as once in the sciencechatforum what I now call the viral compass. The inner scientist in me is more cautious than the creative philosophic implications and issues such as that of Henrietta- so I am really discussing the inheritance issues on the next higher level of experiment and utility. But to err on the more human side of things I feel strongly that as far as personal inheritance as a property issue that the descendants of Henrietta are due some compensation- yet, for the general design I find little basis for patenting certain universal gene sequences shared by us all. I also wonder if the reader of my blog thinks this issue of cancer is well understood and perhaps the idea of a randomness of her immortal cells is one of many definitions of the disease as well as here a coherent design of a quasic geometry of information involving what nature already has of reading frame shifts and remissions.

The compass above, be it a question of life force as material, invitron or invivon, should be considered with all the ideas in Rowlands book- especially the nature of the Dirac matrices and algebra. Sometimes our speculations can be too cautious then again they can overtake any coherency of organization. I see so much to be done for example consider the properties of the codons in this and maybe in other circles- but I have not claimed to have worked out everything.

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Oh, I meant to mention also what I have called "immutation" which simply says that this circle can be read in two directions. (We now know the DNA can be so read as per my personal prediction.) Here now have questions of symmetry and evolutionary direction for like one labyrinth the complexity of solving the path can be quite simple one way or quite complex the other way exchanging the entry for the exit. From the view of a different symmetry many more patterns as successors or cause and effects show up in what sequences of genes organizes which ones follow as if we reversed the time dimension. This chain code I generated from the quasic grid and not the grid from the chain code by the usual methods. We can well imagine this done on a higher binary level. Now, does the chain break down into two parts of reading abstractly from this frame shift sequence?

Would little physical discs of this if they were safe to use not someway be a diagnostic tool for many things including the proper chemicals to balance or the lack of some things in the design to include to arrest disease? In vitro or in vivo? Of course the logician in me thinks this could be done more form first principles of theory as well as our random experimenting on life forms with that as the accumulated goal to be the guiding method of science.

But are we perceiving things just based on the general design possible as a reflection idiomatic and species specific to that fundamental state of things where part is known say for immunity and part kept open and adaptable? Life even in the molecular form, even given a more integrated non-locality of forces between molecules, definitely makes the existential decision of the fixed direction and the random dancing in variable degrees of spatial freedom.

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I will include that page I refered to in a previous post here as I have the camera and within one dimensional system we can encode both the projection of self dual similar and of opposite structures, be they embedded and orientable simply or not:

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More art for possible postings:

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Later that afternoon:

I wish to point out that this viral compass was something I made about a decade ago and it is in my manuscript (most likely embarrassingly obsolete by now) Instruction and Being (4000 pages). I see it in new light especially the symmetries if we consider the 3 + 1 formalism. But of course consider that 64 is not divisible over the cycle of things by three (unless you count the thirds) but locally seems to be. So I conceive of two abstract ideas here- one is of course to treat the 4 corners somehow differently for the divisibility (quasi-dividibility?) of the 60, notice my pin map board is ten fold but this only suggested DNA so is not to be read as part of the sequences.

If we take the structures literally then number them in the cycle- the four would be red yellow blue green in quasic order, then the numbers translated back into a flat two space quasic grid would have a relevance of viral distance which of course would have quasized dimensions of space and motion to consider for the overall coherence of the ideal and accessed elements of the given and expressed genome. This is all I have explored so far. Is the ideal abstract background influential or not to the existential reading of the codons? Can this in terms of perhaps continuity explain certain influences between genes or molecules as if the Casmir like forces?

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