Thursday, December 20, 2012

Star Birth

Star Birth

L. Edgar Otto   20 December, 2012

The Promiscuous Global clusters of stars, some age soon, some remain
young at heart; the dying cells rain toward the center of their start.
Phantom matter in the ocean essence & tightrope of existing, dance to
melds & tears of sense & light, ever one & none, Time's divinity
Lonesome stars while the living may fall by chance, torn apart, broken infinity.

There is more to dreams than our short term memory of anxious sight
more than Mach & Einstein that dust for the phaneron must fight
The Holy Mother genes bypass errors by virgin conception
to close our infant skulls, glue their leaking sutures, seal earthly perception
Goodbye measureless IQ, Hello nerves scanned in nets of magnetic futures.

The monoliths full of stars once pointing skyward carved cubits of the zions
now the twilight and the dawn Belt of Venus, light beyond horizons
Illuminating, explained as if no soulful difference deeper symmetries
from behind us glow silhouettes of Druid trees, & the mysteries made also...

* * * * *
Analysis Awakening

Four leaf clovers again arising in the field of ideas, as was said of the non-Euclidean geometry, independent discoverers... and could be said for those who classified the crystal groups, last night I visited the science magazines where so many articles lately seemed to connect, breakthroughs springing in relevance.
These came together into this poem, seemingly as unlikely as the scattered patterns of coupled rhymes- otherwise contrived, forced, and boring.

There is a way to transfer a nucleus into another cell that the maternal or mitochondrial DNA uses that cells maternal DNA that the promise is for those diseases caused by errors we can bypass them, a variation on parthenogenesis to jump start, and a deeper level they say "No secondary effects show up in the organism so made, so far."  But I wonder if these chromosome systems may not work together- not some invasion of bacteria, our symbiotes from long ago, or the higher physics of the symmetry of it.  It may not make a difference and then again at such a start what is then viable is the question of what among the possible that defines a person...As surely as the Ship of Theseus only the parts were made on the Nile then disassembled, drawn by a thousand slaves to be reassembled, the puzzles pieces of wood soaked and caulked, setting sail thousands of years ago into the Red Sea (PBS show on Aegyptian ship building archeology).

How wonderful too the article on the higher semantic level of our brains as so the mind sees more than the eye.  A sort of eka-epigenome as we awaken to intricate systems of integration and differentiation unto greater complexity.  This question really of what can be seen in shadows, of if in super symmetries we can find a tangible reality. 

In a great inversion, the natural division and compliments that lets us debate if the golden ratio is dynamic or but an artifact of our multiplications and summations, that imagining and arranging of things like the new photo of Saturn back lit that our satellite comes into the right position- like ideas from the vague cloud can so focus to a concentrated and multiplied light (I see the quote in Yuri's article, a concept I have long called omnomic thinking into crystal clarity)  Saturn, of course, the embodiment, symbol, of the ancient god of Time.

An article from astronomy where global clusters can persist and renew, give birth to new stars- this a question of aging also in the wider physics of time and origins. Aging, that which our scanning of the brain holds as most influencing our thoughts as we age if exercising thought really helps stay its decay, and the measure of short term memory to which it is thought is the cue for our anxiety.

The stars in a promiscuous (called that because stars encounter and affect each other in widely changing orbits) global clusters when they die off seem to fall into the center of the system.  But could not we see a dynamic here of more than one substance, matter and phantom matter, energy and entropy in play, the constraints of the frame of a wider and more general quasi-unified sets of geometries? (I see also a quote that said as much and recently in Yuri's paper).  All geometries are true or fall together goes the logic- and that itself is the philosophy and physics the great Godel thought to better explain.

I have given you a picture I call the quasic grid or matrix, a plane or brane (and true to acronyms of jumbled letters so hint that these if seen as waves on many levels of vibration are also brain waves).  But let us not think it just a natural plane of our usual concept of dimensions, let us not think it even a complex plane. In the one substance of some foundational ground nature makes her distinctions as if more in her breaking infinity so to speak, some relativity of the existential now.  Great awards in our past are given to our mathematicians for such small steps that take and last a lifetime. Consider Weierstrass who turned the division of the plane on end to define new functions that Riemann could not by his method- grounding things in the zero or one as to what the rational and irrational value in our search for the grounding of continuity.  Also the episilon method that squares the continuity on many scales (not so to define, as Cantor showed, our natural dimensions) 

This new method of integration went a quasic dimension down to ground things on the number line.  You know the history, or should, as you face your own days and concerns to solve in contemplation, there are others in this great scheme of analysis.  But if by such methods we establish what is measure then why not apply it to systems of theory in which we seek the measure as in mass?  If we do not grasp this distinction then the mangling and shifting of representations of coordinates is a stance of ultimate futility that may waste our time and not teach us of the proofs and truths consciousness can discern in the living, dawning of expression and joy in the journey beyond the system.

The logic of it is as much, thereby, classical and predicate then in the Venn like validity philosophic logic again, an array of fractal like crosses of the gold on white as in the Crusader's flag for Jerusalem.

I thought maybe I would add some footnotes to this poem being the holidays here in the Midwest seems to be snowed in.  I probably should take the next level to explain our grounding symmetries even to higher operations and dimensions but simple living has its place too, hard on my eyes and sleep the freedom to enquire- like the angler time spent fishing for me seems not to take from my life but adds to it.  May you find awakening in the passion of sensible creativity, my fellow bloggers, and may yours begin at this end of an age, a journey of good, great and grand speculation if not beyond, Happy Theorizing!

* * * * * * *

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