Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The People's Particle Physics (Part 2)

The People's Particle Physics (Part 2)

L. Edgar Otto    19 December, 2012

I came across this saying in an old logic book I found at a rummage sale:  "That unicorns do not exist somehow makes the old gray mare all the more real."  In my chats in the philosophy nets and forums I used this idea to argue from novel perspectives- (on Gibbs site for publications I have debated the idea 2+2=5 which in the philosophy sites got good review from the debaters who usually would  try to dismiss some naieve posters as not scientific on some issue by saying "Now, do you believe in pink unicorns?"  So the quality of the submissions to Gibbs is questioned by the example of that paper (of which I have not seen it so am commenting on it from on the side- can it be that bad if in a sense we can look more deeply into the thoughts on paper from the mind of others whom like my reading of Pitkanen and Yuri Danolyn or for formal publications in the journals I can discern the frontier of deeper content, so understand it more and more as I reference clarity, informally, in my own discoveries and speculations.

Pink unicorns, like the self trained or untrained physics of others outside the body of formal publishing and power in the organizations and traditions, apparently are not a threat to them like in the science fiction stories these things may exist but are irrelevant.

The old gray mare has a hard time doing the magic that we should have found in a wider physics of symmetry and new operations.  In that the standard theory or the string theories are in a sense complete, that is real,  but at the singularity of thoughts it is hard to distinguish its reality from unicorns let alone what is ultimately science and what is not.  But if the unicorns are real in a sense, they prance and fly like the new abstract chess pieces as we consider different projections and rotations of systems between dimensions and those theories are as if irrelevant- so to the risk of ideas as careers.

If in the usual language and formalism the concepts in the illustrations I put forth prove already done in the mathematics or in equivalent ways, obviously a path or step implied so in a sense trivial, then I remain irrelevant after all.  All I can say is that in the close to the logic graphic drawing (what I have come to call Existential Design) the informal and recreational presentation I can offer only as a sketch among many, yet in the big picture the clarity is there to which I rest after a joyful flight and commanding search and thoughts while I fly with the Pegasus winged unicorn.  I hope you too enjoy the thrilling freedom exploring paths and parallels of wider symmetry.

So, in these ultimate matters, in our freedom of expression as well as freedom of religion, for the state and for the people, for each other in any case, I wish you all the peace and happiness of our holidays- what we hope in our hearts they should be.  When the Phoenix rises again thru the hibernation of the sunlight not there if we cannot see it directly and clearly- until then- may all your chocolate bunnies not be hollow..."

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