Thursday, December 27, 2012

Psephos Sphaera (When Pebbles Meet Our Perfect Spheres)

Psephos Sphaera (When Pebbles Meet Our Perfect Spheres)

"When we have won the battle for the West, the West lives on only in the romance of our dreams..."      The Pe Sla

"I have seen between your ears, Daydreamer.  Grown man in escape, genius child creative yet half lost while craving our higher child's essential play."
                                                        The Pe Sla

L. Edgar Otto   21 December, 2012

There are mountains, valleys, lakes & islands, yet no rivers

Each city is the mouth into the past or future, each living system far from equilibrium its own era, jurisdiction

From beginnings imagined at the heights to the seeking downward where the oceans fall off into greater seas

The rising, sinking tides & shifting shores divide the world sideways from the glaciers to the expanding boiling

Bottomless salty shadows beyond the end where crystals meet in delayed cycles to seed the rain, beget new worlds

Half & double bet marquis against the bank, unknot or cleave infinities we prime creators of no secondary fantasies

What persists passed on are our symbols & the names
lesser gods on high give down their frames and games

Some are drawn to top of the world, pole stars & mountains
Others to the freedom of unknown frontiers sailing out to sea

* * * * *

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