Sunday, December 2, 2012

Downloading Marianne

Downloading Marianne

L. Edgar Otto     01 December, 2012

Your body tells me something you face just does not show
I'm punished holding back so long no chance for you to know
if my love was worth my flirting ends our hurting afterglow

That I came your way is not excuse to rest my eyes on you
Nor your surprise my dancing noticed, bolt from the blue
no gray skies above just you seemed someone I could love

Life needs not be so deep, no shallow wounds and scars
that keeps us far away never tests a spark or fires
so you say despite desire 'he did not love me really anyway'

Who wrote this play, a love song anyway we both know hides beneath the make up between lines
too used to our lonesome tunes to sing along, hedge bets
to make the music together risk give and take duets

Oh its not rebound from someone settling for seconds, rest
on no regrets we tell ourselves come morning, drink's forgetting best

Love is the cradle robber, not the no damn cats
we tease each other with deadened strings out of tune
We we ask too much we reach too far, feel in out guts
love always watching over night, never walk on the promised moon

Who's face is full of ladies before her vanity and baying donkey's with his props
Our face a child within with smiles to trade some suckers for the lollipops

Our thin silk dollies at the fringe frame our over easy scrambled eggs
Insensitive to feelings and in sin, square pegs and sea legs
our rusty hearts, our clocks sharp shards of tin

Yet we cling to the baby face and wide eyed trust
buttons sewn back again in dress up, cradling blind lovers
While the merchants tell us we cannot be young again
ram valentines and garters down our throat
As long as there is time to share keys to the nest and keep our castle's quoin forgotten, our moat now muddy deep

Yet who will catch the bridal bouquet, who the joke prize
as if I care in the weeping moment gazing into your eyes?
I wrote this song for you and no one else I a child again myself not sure what I am doing while life's wheel still in spin

But it would not be fair to you, time's turn of sand and though my blood is clean not go there, even in the name of Love, downloading Marianne.

* * * * * * *

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