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PSEPHOTONS: Pinwheel Organic Compasses

PSEPHOTONS:  Pinwheel Organic Compasses

Existential Breaking of Informational Symmetry in the Evolving Omnium

L. Edgar Otto    Sunday, 23 December, 2012

In a given natural dimensions (of space or other physical units and quantities) the symmetry that is balanced in a dimension can appear not so in adjacent dimensions.

While we may have a reduction or restriction of symmetries such as the cubic or sphere groups as more general than say the tetragonal, the differences in the axial direction may lead to a wider range of such objects in composite as to their directions, shape and degrees of freedom among and between them.

A pinwheel is a quasi-finite entity with a center of 64 complete enumeration of radial vectors that have an intrinsic orientation which in combination with other such 1 2 or 4 fold divisions of a group, as if quasicity of the idea of particle generations, the symmetry of them has wider possibilities.  In effect we generalize the idea of cyclic groups in a table cloth fractal like manner and confine an initial point chosen as an identity among the 64 of the binary chain code to the pinwheel circular boundary.

If we compare these to atoms the pinwheels together, in the naturally 2^n division of the codon units (read every other one in threes in both directions) then groupings of pinwheels are like the conformal space of molecules (such as proteins).

These as a dynamic grounding of differences, a sort of memory integrated as well as differentiating as development can make a wider variety of diverse paths and loops and more general levels of symmetry.

In particular we can abstractly read four codon bases and so on which guides but is not the grounding of all quasic planes to be regarded as physical or material objects.

The Eddington conjecture which would give a finite count to the number of protons (electrons) in the universe by the inclusion of 2^136 method may be exceeded fundamentally by the idea of symmetries of particles beyond the standard set of them, but these now appear if at all as virtual entities and as a general power set such physical influence is greater, and expressed as so in the unity of a system such as a mental or biological organism as an analogy, than simply this fine structure dimensionless constant of standard or naturally dimensioned space.

But there is some experimental evidence these super group worlds are there, such as with dark matter, within the compass of our cosmology of our current idea of universe.

Again, the power exponents and the number that grounds the Godel metalanguage on sides of at least another but currently vaster mirror, dark matter, are to be seen as quasifinite and not necessarily these clearly defined or are privileged by nature as strictly infinite or finite to a quasi nilpotent or idempotent unity that restricts symmetry to some idea of a maximum general theory, and the universes foundation thereby.

But because of this difference of paths and directions over the span and structure of the omnium, with the principles of how to incorporate nilpotent and dimensionless "groups" we can have in our physics a firmament that generalizes and makes intelligible our constants of general variation and measure.  Problems considered strictly not reducible to the linear as physicality, as NP hard issues so to speak, such as the conformality of proteins and their influence by shape is a simple matter compared with such conformality more general and dynamic over our wider concept of space and time as the conformality evolves in its creative universal cosmology.

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Further thoughts, including the intelligence of animals as on another PBS show (for example wild wolves and emotion pathways tending to violence compared to that of our dogs and why there is a difference not just from a socialization perspective) I put on a sheet of notes to survey the current ideas debated on the subject in our still ideological shadows of what we would like to think as a past partisan age.  But I do not post them as none of the issues bring new ideas to the quest for understanding.  It is hoped that these long time contemplation of our genetic information processes, as well the idea of such transfer of information as so many binary power bits (of the necessary bases exceeding perhaps even entanglement as if scaleless and perhaps cardinality or beyond these exotic sequences any predictable long range behavior as ordinality) to express or imply the whole may help in the wider understanding of our own domestication with freedom in that life corresponds intelligibly to universe and that we can scientifically aid the truly individual soul unto his wholeness.  Theories do not kill people, ignorance and the access to intelligible theories denied kills people, directly or from a dark distance.

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