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Hierarchical Systems Mirror Sign Duality

Hierarchical Systems Mirror Sign Duality
(The True Absolute Unity Foundation)

L. Edgar Otto  27 December, 2012

I hope my last dozen of post or so will be sorted out, but not as posted in time save the dates submitted.  So I continue parts of the lampion post and new contemplations from today.

It seems to me that at our core philosophy's in relation to mathematics the consequences of the logic of it, the stance toward sign (the idea of negativity as inverses in relation to nothingness) is the source of our emotional stance and conflicts, a sort of fight or flight, in the idea of the necessity as principle to ground our logic as the reality.  A is A or A is not A for example or for some who have an idea of the mirror worlds a claim as to assert some sort of mirror logic condition.  But in the quasifinite world of non necessity it is clear that while ultimately logic can be defeated by "it is not the case" or "what is true at one place in time may not be the case at a different moment in time"- in a certain sense there is a core unity or intelligibility in the reality of all cases. 

This is the independece of the sign across abstract or absolute mirrors to which in counting things, as if a sequence of numbers or functions, we have a choice at each existential point as to the nature of the operations upon branching points in trees, rooted or not as the privileging may be, or unitary operations.  0! = 1 v 0 depending on how it makes the equations work (that is the logical choice of sign a the reality basis or if the direction of time can only be in a sense only zero or positive.  We note also that where phi from the quadratic equation the inverse 1/phi  I have called k as part of the absolute stance, is considered negative for the equations of unity to work.  We see the Fibonacci sequences beginning with unity, of which we can imagine for the solutions to exclude that the unity that starts things can be zero or even in a sense negative unity  such as the convention capital Pi sub minus one for the so called Null Polytope.

Thus there is some constructible and concrete quasi-sufficient logic to the idea of the quasic brane.  As a brane, as two dimensional initially, we note that in its n-dimensionality we can easily accommodate the linear string landscape that moreover describes the states of matter possible as well as more general symmetry systems and why in their consistency (of numerical functions across some plane map) this hierarchical structure (with all forms of the idea of particle generations) allows the general structure of mass into time and by creativity as at least the generalization of the Omnium, the twists perhaps of gravity or other intertia considerations, and in general the idea of vacuua or dark hidden matter...

It is clear that Penrose tiling as an interest by many in the mathematical and physics theoretical field the playing with the quasic plane is more than just a four fold or eight fold consideration of its abstract dimensional representations.  It is also the deeper look into the nature of quasic ideas in relation to the mystery of unity and sign.

From the earliest archeological evidence to date (another PBS show) the Phoenician alphabet as the source for many others derived from the Aegyptian hieroglyphs as a stage of language development finds the original letters such as A drawn in an order (up down left right immaterial) in four directions- this eventually develops in one direction.  This is the looking into a tablet as if it were the quasic brane in search of deeper symmetries even beyond the ghostly uses of how we define complex number planes.

Newton as one of the developers of calculus looked at this issure of order, that is the search for possible meaning in codes, in the Bible code in his case,  He considered the deeper nature of Gravity as to the direction of the planets having perhaps some outside designer, but in any case as above so below in the magical axiom his was a search for the cosmic idea despite able to argue for the mass of the earth without some greater lever his interest also touch on astrology.  As some have said, he was our last great astrologer.  But in our day whence gravity?

The hierarchical systems with sub group inheritance and distinctions of the quasifinite fit well into our observations of how language changes as if the sounds in shifting and meanings of the sounds and symbols are less like protons as fundamental but at least subatomic ideas on some level as influencing the higher level system subtly.

Lampions 12 12 continued:

A)  A polyhedron and its dual may oscillate between each other's dual state, alternatively.

B) An ensemble of edges meeting at a  (directed or not) simplex corner point (although generally the number of regular connected points is the higher simplex itself as a totality grouping) may exhibit one state and the next level down the opposite state (of duality) not necessarily alternating.

C) The concept of mediator particles or field conditions environs between these states may be determined by omnic physics as a general mirrored and generational (in depth or span) quasifinite paradox of necessity and nonnecessity at a singularity and in the Becoming.

D) Subcell ensembles may form field-particle round as self dual polytopes- likewise the global coherence of a field. Including doubling (unfolding) and half mirroring dihedronally (and n-hedrally explaining magic atom numbers).  These may be as singularities the first thing of Rowlands principle where they persist and exist creatively (notably in Hoyle's intelligent design sense from the vacuum also).

E) This formalizes ideas of Rene Thom, Ted Cloak Jr., Rowlands, Marina Shephard (Kea) of braid interchange, Pitkanen, and my Quasic systems.

F) galatomic systems while concrete in complexity exceeds the generalization of the omnium in the wider complication of consciousness added and so defined. It does unify the general stances of Gamow and Hoyle as core cosmologies.

G) The hierarchical concept is ultimately non necessary as a principle as scale and the dimensions (physical or geometrical) can be in a sense relative in ends, middles and origins or direction of time-like sequences.

H) There can be over hierarchical depths and spans minimum and maximum ensembles possible, concretely constructable and as hidden influence forces creatively.

I) The potential infinity Omnium law, 0xInfinity=unity, is an actual reality in the hierarchical detail of ontology (as quasi-metaphysical abstract functions), that is deduction vs induction, and abduction vs anti-abduction, plus singularity.  Singularity is equal to one or zero, that is a "wild card"

J) The sub-shadow hierarchy (Hr) of monopoles are transitive |sing> quantum notation function generating shadow fractal like grounding by principles preceding.

K) The intuitive but accumulating hints of mechanics yet a hidden cosmic code as well as idea of unity in the cosmic gravity (inertia) as tp be explained philosophically as if the idea of totality is beyond both Newton and Leibniz as quasibrane flatlands in perception and reality of the phaneron, background.

* * * * *

The science daily article, the only one I saw yesterday on the states of matter seems to confirm the general idea of symmetry and states of matter as if an absolute or positive stance to the quasic brane (this links string theories).

And Nova Now, with the show on long term memory- the memorization on the hippocampus larger (in fact an actual map there some sci mag articles have reported within the last year or so) a neurologist from Ghana in the search for the permanence of long term memory and his grounding of the self- has moral reservations that a certain enzyme can erase memory in rats.

It seems to me intuitively clear that there are structures, quasically, that could recover, at least in life processes and the reality or wish there is more to that sense of "human" than the neurology and chemistry of the self.

The host (the new Carl Sagan of this era I would say) brings this home in the question of the origin of life as perhaps the deepest question. He suggests that we have only the earth with which to compare what might seem a clear answer if we encountered things beyond our one self involved sample.  He goes further to say the origin just after but not at or before the universe as the Big Bang is also a question of origin (that we are comfortable with) but there is only one universe to which to compare,  Quasically we may compare these things in the shadows.  But the experiments do go on where they work, especially as we start to see what happens when our artificial constructs integrate with the natural organic.

This comparison is a matter as if modeling self-dual polytopes and mirror or shadow phenomena.  Although the question, so reduced on this side of the mirror of such singularity may not by such experience and our reaction to it define us, this question of uniqueness and the nonnecessity of experience should it like the sun somehow vanish keeps the frontier question open.  For we can imagine parallels and hierarchies in the unities of things that at least the general cosmos, the Omnium and what is or may seem beyond, can have a mechanism that in a sense can save memories for a very long term.

The complexity of an ensemble of particles in some geometric continuous or finite structure in the core logic and physical consistency even in the short term and with a wider concept of the dynamics of real or philosophic time has to deal with these questions of shadows and hints of supersymmetry- so I add the span of the hypercuble into three cubed cubes with innate directionality (that we cannot assume is there or not in any case it a looping or not, The deeper level of triality implied at least four fold in the abstract brane adds to the mix higher levels of shadow particles as well those so color coded in relative tempered quasifinite spectra over algebras like that of Dirac (seen at least as grounded in a general sense of origins as nilpotent,)

* * * * * * *

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