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Quasifinite Asymptopic Freedom and Supersymmetry Magnetic Bonding

Quasifinite Asymptopic Freedom and Supersymmetry Magnetic Bonding

L. Edgar Otto  11 December, 2012

Inside a singularity, as so inside a creative object such as a quasar or black hole we can imagine the structures as suggested now in the high magnetic chemical bonding model to be a sort of evidence for physical things that makes more concrete the metaphysical aspects of this alternative view of super-symmetry.

Metaphorically, if the cosmic or nature code is conceived as a process of mind or intelligence as if a conscious creative universe, to the usual spaces of our perception the next level of higher dimensional (higher quasic or generational) symmetry laws would be analogous to the next complexity of patterns as if its sub-conscious.  By this early stereonomic reasoning I imagined quasifinite nodes before the idea of the quasars (and a similar term from the remaining Greek roots, that is quasic) that in my early terminology I quite imagined within them the matter was dimensionally greater than our three as four space.  The high magnetic field bonding suggests also in some physical entity this has its counterpart in material phenomena.

These early quasar objects could be a suggestion they were portals to some other transcendent world- or in more recent ideas "where does the (general physics) information go" as well all the ideas of wormholes and time travel between them.  But what does this say for standard physics if the explanation of how black holes consume momentum if the canidate left has to be magnetism while that itself is a rather vague term in the context of these alternative symmetrical bondings? 

Momentum as a conservation law is still much a matter of that state between the absolutes of continuity and the discrete, that is of quasic similarity and contiguity.  We also imagine vaguely collective consciousness but this too is a quasic phenomenon that unifies and incorporates logically the issues involving many worlds and multiverse as if the physical ground as quasifinite shares the Omnium totality as paradoxically itself many-fold, my early Ultranscontinuum.

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I add an illustration from the Medallion and Hourglass versions of USA flag design, one of stars that grow in number.  In this I used the golden ratio with some interesting overall effects like the fireworks or doily of a more unified pattern.  Does this not vaguely suggest the three geometries in regard to a circle (a flat reference singularity, Euclidean) as to what is outside or inside the radius? 

I had found the principle earlier for a pleasing inclusion of star patterns for even and odd numbers of stars in the flags of summer which seemed to add stars toward the apex of a golden triangle ( where the ratio does not meet at the end of the one by tau (phi) rectangle, that left over exceeds this difference pleasingly, and practically justifies the part of the flag to which we apply the grommets to hoist.  Both principles are in play here, as we can from a point explode objects or regions outward or internally to a center.

It occurs to me then that this gives a better grounding (in the magnetic supersymmetric bonding between structures of simple properties such atoms or more organically complex) for the vague principle of asymptotic freedom as the bounds are limits from the individual quasifinite particle and field structure.  What this quasifinite magnetic supersymmetric bonding amounts to in the higher dimensional and generational counts or influences that may exceed the internal or expressed span of these embedded objects in the space of universe, perhaps higher non-locality and probabilities (uncertainty) remains the general problem to be worked out in detail to whatever physical and theoretical levels with the hopes of useful applications.

A Higgs from this perspective can be not just a bosonic like discrete corpuscle (in general a unified system as omnium in analogous scales) as a simple singularity, but a locus or vibrating span and depth region of hidden complexity as a singularity.  When does a particular photon leave a flipped electron in an atomic shell, and just where, from what place in the spacetime does it initiate the shift of such action?  To what depth can we investigate our thoughts behind our thoughts to this foundational frontier of our won subconscious hidden symmetric processes or that just outside but not of clear limitless extent of the singularity that is our mind? 

The Higgs is a quasifinite entity in that it is a quason, but it may be the surface phenomenon of a super and super-duper and so on singularity complex.  To which any materialization (massivation in TGD?) seems presented to the reality (omnium) through qusasifinite structures.

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I included some art recreations and a picture of myself at an earlier age in Springfield, Illinois from the photo booth in better resolution... I have thought about these cosmic ideas as they have been a part of my life at least in the background and how I saw the world at that age in particular in relation to such theories.  As a young child I asked my father, what would happen if I found the secret of magnetism (having just read about the need to explore the strong force picking up books in a bookstore in Miami)  "Nothing much," he said "they would just write your name in a big book."  To what we commit our light and lives to has no scale of  value, not even the ongoing desire to follow some path and hold to the journey.  The eight stars in the internal arrangement as if Scorpio with a tail the claws in balance represents the last time whatever else we may fail at across generations I had in a sense a successful family together.  It is my hopes that in the changes of seasons and the things we do in the living that my children are immersed in the journey of life- perhaps the pursuit of abstract things (our generational breakdown of values was external and done without benefit of wider wisdom) should be a measure of compatibility with each other but not to the ideology of our times, necessarily.  We as living or meaningful things are much more than that.

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